thyroid disease

Signs of Thyroid Disease

Introduction to Thyroid Disease

Most people know that their thyroid is a gland located in the neck that helps to regulate the consumption of fat in the body.  In our society, it has become a joke to tell people who are overweight that there must be something wrong with their thyroid.  Millions of people across the United States have issues with their thyroid, however, including various diseases and even cancer.  Furthermore, it’s very common for people with these issues or Thyroid disease to have episodes of time when their problem gets worse, or “flare-ups”.  If you think that you may have a problem with your thyroid, check to see if you’re showing these symptoms.

thyroid disease

1.  Depression

It’s normal to feel low when something bad or stressful is happening in your life, but if you’re feeling depressed without the ability to tie it to a specific event, you might have an issue with your thyroid.  Because the thyroid helps in the production of hormones that regulate serotonin, it is possible that a problem with this organ will cause you to feel sad or weepy without a corresponding cause.

2.  Weight gain or loss

The thyroid is the organ that regulates the way your body burns fat.  If you seem to be gaining weight very rapidly, but cannot tie it to a simple cause such as lack of activity or an increase in food consumed, this may signal a thyroid issue.  Similarly, suddenly losing weight without a corresponding cause can also be a sign of a thyroid problem.  It should be noted, however, that most doctors will look for other symptoms in conjunction with this one before looking for a thyroid problem.

3.  You’re tired all the time

If you feel tired, even though you’re sleeping normally and have no other causes of stress in your life, you might have an issue.  The thyroid gland regulates the production of the hormones that help your body to wake up.  A disruption in the production of these chemicals means that you might feel as if you’ve never had enough sleep, and find it particularly hard to get up in the morning.

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4.  Increased irritability or aggression

If you find yourself becoming angry over small events or comments, it might have to do with the production of the hormones that help you to stay calm.  The thyroid helps to regulate the hormones that control the production of testosterone.  An increase in this hormone can cause people to feel angry, bitter, and more aggressive and may be an indicator of thyroid disease.  In women, a sharp increase in this hormone can also cause acne and abnormal hair growth.

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