5 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Braces That Work

5 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Braces That Work

Getting braces at the orthodontist can be an expensive and stressful process but there are Do-It-Yourself Braces options. Many people choose to avoid this procedure for themselves or their children for these reasons, but their desire for straight teeth is still strong — so what about do-it-yourself (DIY) options?

5 Tips for Do-It-Yourself Braces That Work

There are abundant online videos and home-grown instructions for straightening your teeth with rubber hair bands, paper clips, and other implements readily available. However, these are unsafe methods that can cause damage that actually leads to the need for more work at the orthodontist — which translates into more money and time spent in the dental chair.

Fortunately, there are better strategies for using DIY braces to achieve the results you want. Follow these tips for a safer, straighter smile.

Have an Evaluation by a Reputable Orthodontics Team

Just because you decide to straighten your teeth at home doesn’t mean you should forego the orthodontist completely. Many at-home kits start with an evaluation by an orthodontist. You’ll use a kit to send in a 3D impression of your teeth and get customised care. If you’re worried about doing the impression properly, you can opt for a scan at an authorised clinic instead.

Either way, you get the backing of a licenced orthodontist who can determine whether you’re a good candidate for home teeth alignment. If you’re not, you’ll be refunded the price of the impression or scan.

Visualise Your New Smile

It can be difficult to stick with any at-home regimen unless you keep your end goal in sight. It’s best to choose a straightening service that uses your 3D image to create a model of your new smile. With this model in mind, you’ll be motivated to follow the instructions carefully.

Choose a Do-It-Yourself Braces Plan That Works for You

DIY teeth alignment only works if you’re able to integrate it into your lifestyle. Keeping in mind that the longer you wear your aligners on a daily basis, the quicker you’ll achieve results, choose between all-day wear and nighttime-only use. With all-day wear, you’ll be able to easily remove your aligners to eat and drink.

Nighttime-only straightening means you’ll just wear your aligners while you sleep. Although aligners are clear and discreet, this option may appeal to you more if you feel self-conscious about wearing your aligners around friends or colleagues.

Follow Instructions and Track Your Progress

Do-it-yourself treatment for a straighter smile generally takes 6 to 9 months with clear aligners, depending on your plan. It’s crucial that you follow the instructions so you don’t prolong the process unnecessarily or damage your teeth.

It’s also important that an orthodontics team remotely track your progress and make adjustments if necessary. This takes the guesswork common with other Do-It-Yourself Braces options out of the picture and puts the final result in qualified hands.

Get a Lifetime Guarantee on your Do-It-Yourself Braces

Using hair bands or paper clips at home can do lifelong damage to your smile. In contrast, choosing an invisible aligner option that comes with a lifetime guarantee gives you the long-lasted assurance that your mouth is entrusted to skilled professionals vested in your results. Companies that offer satisfaction guarantees are more likely to care about your individual concerns and get it right the first time.

If you need braces but dread lengthy visits to the orthodontist, consider at-home aligners for Do-It-Yourself Braces options. There are many advantages to this type of treatment. Not only is it more of a DIY option than braces put in at the clinic, but it’s also highly customised and safer than using crude tools found in your home.

Whatever is necessitating your treatment — crowded teeth, crooked teeth, or gap teeth — a trained orthodontics team can address your concerns effectively without all the hassle.


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