Dressing for an Important Client Meeting - 3 Tips
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Dressing for an Important Client Meeting – 3 Tips

In the world of business, image is everything and although no one likes to admit it, that old adage has been disproven time and again. Yes, we do judge books by their cover. So then, if you have an important client meeting scheduled, dressing appropriately as the business professional you are is vital. This is even more important for women in business because, contrary to what we’d like to believe, women are often judged more critically than men. Isn’t it time to get your wardrobe together so that you’ll have just what you need for those all-important client meetings that lead to success?

Dressing for an Important Client Meeting - 3 Tips

1. Personalise Your Dressing Style – Shop for You

It helps to remember that often clothes you see on runway models will do nothing to flatter your body type. Never shop for business clothes based on what looks good on someone else. You always need to take your particular body type into account and if you are on the heavier side, there is nothing wrong with shopping in the plus-size department. After all, these clothes were specifically designed to flatter your body type. Whether you are shopping for plus-size ladies’ jackets or a business pants suit for ladies, check out styles created for curvaceous women like you.

2. Be Careful Not to Overdress

One of the most common mistakes that business professionals make is wardrobe overkill. Whether you are a lady or gentleman in the world of business, there is nothing that indicates you are trying too hard than wearing an outfit that probably costs more than your monthly salary. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking clients don’t research you to the same degree you’ve checked them out. It’s okay to wear high street designer clothes, but there’s a limit to what you can expect a client to believe.

3. Did We Mention Research?

Another thing you may want to keep in mind is the research mentioned above. If it is an important client meeting, take the time to learn a little about the person you will be meeting with. A few decades ago, this would probably have taken more time than you have to spare but in this age of social media, it’s easier than you might believe. Do a search on social sites like Twitter, Facebook, and especially LinkedIn. You may find photos of your client that will indicate how they dress but even more importantly, you can get an idea of the personality type they are. If they seem reserved, dress down, but if they appear carefree and ultra-social, you’ve more leeway in the styles you can wear to that initial meeting.

Once again, remember that we are often judged by how we dress and how we present ourselves. While it is important to dress in clothes that you are comfortable in, you literally have a part to play so keep that in mind when dressing for a client meeting. Be yourself but always within the parameters of what would be acceptable in the world of business.

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