Dance Footwear: Care Tips To Know

If you have just enrolled in a dance school or have your kid attending dance classes, shopping for dance gear shouldn’t be new to you. The most appropriate dance kit will consist of specific dance clothes, shoes and accessories. For instance, if you are a jazz dancer, bass shoes or clothes aren’t a fit. When it comes to dancing shoes, you can enjoy several benefits from having dedicated pair of shoes. Dance shoes help attain optimal traction during intricate moves, thereby keeping your feet safe from injuries. On the bottom line, one will need a pair of dance gowns/suits and shoes without any second choice.

How to clean, care and store dance shoes?

In Australia, dance has turned out to be the most popular activity, outgrowing other leisure activities. Dance can be of any type- jazz, hip-hop, etc. When it comes to buying dance footwear, you will have to consider several factors. From choosing the right size to flawless soles, picking the appropriate shoes can be exhausting. However, it does not end there. If you have invested in a pair of quality shoes, you need to ensure they last long. As a result, caring appropriately for your dance footwear becomes a part of your routine. Here is a list of care tips to follow to make your shoes last (functionally and elegantly),

  1. Be gentle in handling the shoes

When it comes to wearing or handling dance footwear, one needs to pay extra attention and care. It’s because dance footwear is pretty distinct from typical footwear or shoes. When you wear these, putting on or pulling off dance footwear without being gentle will be staking its lifespan. Remember to be dressed before you wear your shoes. With that said, always have your tights or socks put on before you get your hands on the shoes. If you find the dance footwear loose without your socks, never size down. Try out other options like customising the buckle or adjusting the strap.

  1. Brushing the exterior

Irrespective of whether you are using a pair of jazz shoes or ballet heels, brushing the exterior is essential. Dust can layer over on the surface and, a simple dusting can ensure your shoes are glowing. To begin with, shop for the best suede shoe brush and a shoe polish cloth for frequent brushing and dusting. Occasionally, you might have the surface stained or see stubborn dust accumulated. In such cases, you need to use shoe polish, some shoe oil and water. If your shoes are out of leather, occasional oil cleaning becomes necessary.

  1. Caring for the interior

Just like the surface, your shoe’s interior sections (especially the sole) also requires occasional cleaning and care. After a sweaty and long practice session, you need to clean and use a refresher to keep away sweat or foul odour. You can sprinkle some salt (if the shoes are wet) and leave them overnight. Baking soda can be another alternative for salt if you want better results. Readymade activated charcoal bags from your local store can also help retrieve your shoe’s functionality and get rid of the damp odour.

  1. Storing in the right conditions

You are back from the dance school, with shoes off at the patio? If you have invested in a pair of expensive dance shoes, remember the storage process speaks up for its durability. Always ensure to keep your dance footwear in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Have your heel protectors stored along with the shoes. It is better to have a dedicated rack for your shoes. If not, never keep them wrapped in the plastic covers they come in(shoes need some ventilation and can breathe)!

Author Name: Steffy Alen

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