Why all Road Users must take Responsibility for Bike Safety

Many people have begun to choose diverse ways to commute and to travel in general. One of these choices has been the two-wheel phenomenon, the humble bicycle and motorcycle have become one of the most favored means of both daily commute, inner-city business deliveries, and weekend fun and entertainment. However, the users of bikes and motorbikes have been over-represented in the national accident statistics. More bikers die on our roads than passenger vehicle occupants and this statistic has been the case for far too long.

Biking and riding are wonderful means of travel and one that has become a great deal safer over time as all road users now take responsibility for the bikes on our roads. There are, however, still changes that need to be emphasized and made to increase road safety for all.

The changes that bikers need to make

The physical protection

The protective gear isn’t designed and worn for fun. A helmet that meets industry and road safety standards, gloves, leathers, boots and goggles are all the basic safety gear that you must have before you get on a motorized or electric bike. There are various different standards for the different riders of bikes out there, but the bottom line is that if you’re on the road on two wheels, you need to protect yourself. The age-old adage in motorcycle circles is that if you want your face to stay on your face, then wear a good helmet. It’s also the best way to access Bluetooth and listen to your music as you ride.

Legal protection in case of an accident

It’s not something that all bikers and riders do but considering the statistics and the fact that bikers are more likely to be in an accident not of their causing than any other road user, having advice and support is going to be critical. If you’ve been in an accident, then look for a local attorney for immediate advice, a great example if you’re one of the many new bikers on the West Coast would be California motorcycle accident attorneys, they will know what your rights are and how to approach any claims. It’s best to have the number before you actually need them, so do some research and keep it with you.

The changes we all need to make

Changes in legislation and road setup

The changes to road design and setup to provide more space and accommodate bikers and riders need to be ongoing and long-lasting. Furthermore, these changes need to be widely supported by other road users. The final analysis is that if there are dedicated bike and motorbike lanes, then the logic of road use is clear and we are all likely to be at less risk of an accident.

Changes in driver mentality

The changes that are needed in mindsets are the biggest challenge. The idea of all motorbike riders as dangerous and speed demons is a massive misnomer. Drivers of vehicles who have a great deal more protection on the roads need to start seeing all the bikers, taking notice of them, and understanding that they too have a right to use the roads.

Choosing to ride a bike or motorbike for fun, or to and from work is a personal choice, and for many, it’s about being able to live their lives to the fullest. As all road users take more responsibility for bike safety this choice will become more respected and protected.

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