Does a Parent Need a Senior Living Facility? 4 Signs That Let You Know

Senior Living

Parents want to remain as independent as possible, for as long as they can.

However, you may begin to see signs that they would be better situated in a senior living facility at a certain point. These signs might be hard to spot at first, but soon they’re staring you in the face when you visit them.

At that point, it might be time to broach the idea with them. Due to their pride, they may require a little time to accept that you mean well. Eventually, though, they may agree with you.

Here are 4 of the signs that let you know.

Senior Living

Too Many Unhappy Accidents

Incontinence is a major issue for older parents who cannot control their bladder as well as they previously could. While changes to their diet and what beverages they consume can sometimes help, they may also simply be a sign of their age.

Managing the problem requires more regular bedding changes, spare comforters, and possibly incontinence pads to lay on or sit on. Getting around more often to help with the laundry may also be beneficial if your parents are struggling to keep up.

The Finances Are in Disarray

Whether they used to be good with money or not, if the phone keeps ringing with debt collectors chasing them, you may catch that when you’re visiting. Also, if they have a pile of unopened mail that they’re actively avoiding and refuse to let you process their mail, then it’s a bad sign too.

Too much complication with money can be handled when mentally adaptive. However, when they are beginning to get easily confused, that’s no longer the case. If they don’t simplify matters or let you begin to manage some of their financial affairs, then it won’t end well.

At this stage, search for a senior living near me like The Gatesworth; this can reduce the complexity to something far more manageable.

Home is Unclean

During visits, you may notice that their home is becoming less and less clean. If this was never the case before and they previously took pride in their home, then it suggests hidden mobility problems.

When they have a backyard and the lawn isn’t mowed either, yet the lawnmower still works, then again it indicates they’re having trouble walking, bending down, or bending over.

Stale Food and Old Milk

Some trouble with cooking their meals can lead to them ordering in or trying to cope and failing to eat nutritionally.

The indicators for this include a kitchen that looks untouched, no dishes in the dishwasher, an empty refrigerator, or stale food that’s well past its due date for consumption. Also, if there are signs of takeout food or food deliveries, there could be trouble in the kitchen.

Lifting a hot pan and not burning it themselves may be the reason why. They also may be getting forgetful in the middle of cooking leading to the fire alarm going off. Either of these may be discouraging them from cooking.

For a son or daughter, it’s tough to see parents getting older and less capable. Yet it’s important to come to terms with it quickly because they will need your assistance. Even if that help is to tell them when it’s time to move into a senior living facility because life has become too much to manage.

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  1. gloria patterson says:

    all of these are good signs…

    My mother is almost 92 and she lives in a senior housing apartment. She has a aid that comes in 5 days a week for a couple of hours. She does the cleaning and sometimes cooks stuff. So far she is doing gooc

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