Tips On Making Your Living Room A Truly Relaxing Space

Living Room

When you think of where you like to relax at home, two rooms probably come to mind first – the bedroom and the living room. The bedroom is perhaps an easier room to get right in terms of décor; as long as you have a good mattress and a bed to put it on, everything else can be considered secondary, as you will use the room to sleep in and therefore naturally relax.

The living room is a slightly different matter. Whereas your bedroom is somewhere only you – and your partner – will see, the living room is a place where all guests will go, so it not only needs to be a relaxing space, it also needs to look attractive and stylish. This can sometimes be a hard thing to do, but it is possible. Read on for some tips on making your living room a truly relaxing space that people will want to spend time in.

living room

Decide on a Focal Point

No matter what style you prefer, from minimalist to hygge and everything in between, there must be a focal point in your living room. There are many you can choose from, but if you want to make your living room a relaxing space, the best is a fireplace. Look around fireplace shops London to get an idea of the types of styles and designs you can choose from – there are many, so no matter what décor you have, there will be a fire that works with it. Alternatively, you can choose a fireplace and then design the room around it.

No matter what your focal point is, whether it’s a fireplace, TV unit, a stunning piece of art, or even your French doors to the backyard, make sure you arrange your furniture around it; otherwise, the message can get confused.

Use the Center of the Room

Where is the furniture in your living room right now? If you’re like most people, it will be pushed up against the wall. Why do we do this? It might be partly to do with interior design fashion – we’ve seen it on TV and in other people’s houses, so it’s what we do too – but it could also be because we want to make the most of the space we have. With the furniture right up against the wall, you’ll have more space in the middle of the room.

Yet this might not be the best idea if you want a truly relaxing living room. It might actually be better to use the center of the room and leave space around the edges. When you do this, the room will feel cozier and more comfortable, and when you have guests, you won’t have to sit far apart from one another. It will, of course, depend on the size of your room, but if you can move things away from the edges, you should do it. You might be surprised at the difference it makes.


When you want a relaxing living room, you’ll need it to be a place in which you are not constantly distracted by ‘things’ all around you. In the living room, you should only have what is needed and what you want (sometimes these are two different things, but it’s important to understand this and know the difference).

Therefore, decluttering and removing anything that stops you from relaxing is important. Have a trash bin for waste rather than allowing it to sit on a coffee table or the floor, for example. Have fewer items, so your eye and brain aren’t pulled in different directions. Store what you can and remove everything else, and you’ll instantly feel much more relaxed.

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