Storage Shelves Ideas: An Easy Way to Make Your Home Functional and Beautiful

Shelves are an excellent way to display your favorite belongings while keeping them organized. Some people have built their whole home around an impressive collection of books, artworks, showpieces, jars, or crockeries, and other items over the years so finding a place to showcase them sometimes poses a challenge.

For those who are a bit on the indecisive side, this post will provide you with some modern shelving decor ideas that suit both your contemporary lifestyle and unique personality.

Open Shelves

Open shelves are ideal for your library. They are an excellent space for storing mugs, plates, dishes, books, and other items. So, display these items to have easy access whenever you need them. However, avoid overcrowding the shelf.

When using open shelves to display your books, we recommend sorting your books according to size. Then place sixty percent of the books vertically and forty percent horizontally.

You can also lean a few books against the wall while stacking others using bookends to create a visually attractive pattern throughout the shelves. Alternatively, you can place three to six books horizontally and top them with small art objects or vases.

If you want more storage options but don’t have room to spare, a separate door-mounted shelf with space for items like plastic containers, spice jars, kids’ tableware, etc., is a good alternative.

Placing fun accessories with your everyday crockeries is a great way to express your artistic persona. Decorate the shelf with abstract paintings, candlesticks, potted plants, ceramic pieces, or cooking books.

Storage Shelves

When you find yourself lacking some valuable counter space, we recommend using a storage shelf to organize your kitchen or office space easily.

Before you proceed through, we suggest creating a logical plan of action before organizing your kitchen tools/utensils or office supplies. In this way, you will know where to find and access them while working on something, this will help improve your workflow.

You can keep the daily dishware, fruit baskets, or microwave on the top of the shelf. Then, move all the lesser-used items like sauce pots, glassware, or artwork to the bottom tier of the stand.

In the office, you can place your printer or other office accessories on this versatile shelf. The printer goes on top while the lower shelves can store your papers and other office essentials.

Mobile shelves

Mobile shelves like this 3+4 tier storage shelf that ODK Home offers is a novel accessory to add to your home.

Mobile shelves

When you’re working on something in your study and want to have your coffee fix, you no longer have to run to the kitchen to have that caffeine fix. You can just bring this mobile shelf to your office and voila! You got yourself a mobile barista station.


You can create your small coffee bar by displaying the coffee maker and coffee-themed artwork on the top shelf. This will serve as your counter. Then store coffee mugs, coffee beans, creamers, syrups, and sugar on the second tier. Finally, tuck away tea bags in a wooden storage chest or basket with teapots, cups, and other accessories on the bottom. Now, enjoy your morning or evening caffeine with family or friends at your bar.

Wall-mounted shelves

You can also try adding a wall-mounted ladder shelf in your home. This piece from ODK Home lets you explore the elegance of wood carvings and add a touch of diversity to your bookcase with various themes: romantic, nature, abstract, fantasy, animal, etc.

Are you a pop culture fan? You can add your favorite movie or comics posters or hang a portrait of your favorite movie star. You can add a classy touch to your shelf with vintage paintings of Picasso, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, or Salvador Dali.

How about adding a nostalgic vibe to your bookcase by bringing back your childhood memories? Place cuddly bunnies, huggable puppies, cute baby elephants, or adorable penguins. There are so many options to choose from!

Book Shelves

Last but certainly not the least on this amazing list is this versatile shelf.

Versatile shelf

This shelf is a great space to display your collection—whatever they may be. They could be the plants you’ve learned to grow, your current collectibles, books, or even kitchen supplies and appliances. There is a wide range to choose from. You can reserve the bottom tiers to place colorful faux plants, palm monstera in terra cotta pots, or your other art collections.

This bookshelf can easily help you capture the essence, color, and feel of nature indoors. You can even add shelf decors like fallen wood or leaves or a mini pumpkin trio to give it a more rustic look. Add twinkles, sparkles, and lighting if it’s Christmas. Choose bright artwork like colorful tissue flowers or beach-themed elements to have fun in summer.

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