Pet Misting System: How to Keep Your Pet Calm

Pet misting

How do you feel when it gets really hot?

Hot and bothered could describe your state of mind, right? It is hard to concentrate at such times. It is also not uncommon to experience higher stress levels.

Take a minute to read this WHO report. There is a direct correlation between high heat and physiological stress. The stress exacerbates leading causes of global death, including respiratory and cardiovascular diseases.

High heat compromises the heat-regulating capabilities of the body. The result is illnesses, heatstroke, extreme exhaustion, and much more.

While the report focuses on humans, we cannot ignore the other living creatures. Your pet has to go through the same effects every time temperatures rise.

You must do all you can to avoid heat stress. One way to keep your pets calm at such times is by ensuring they are cool. That includes giving them enough water to drink. Cooling pads and shaded areas can also help.

And then, there is the fantastic pet misting system. Read on to understand what they are and how they can keep pets calm.

What Is a Pet Misting System?

A smattering of rain on a hot day does wonders. It brings down temperatures, making everyone more comfortable. A pet misting system simulates the action of rain.

Here is how they work. The pet misting system sprays water droplets into the atmosphere. The water absorbs the heat in the process of evaporation to turn into vapor. Heat absorption is what helps lower the temperatures.

Why You Need a Misting System to Keep Pets Calm

Unlike humans, animal bodies do not do a good job of heat regulation. Humans sweat and will immediately cool down. Animals can’t do that.

The best solution for animals like dogs is panting. They also keep their tongues out of their mouth. Exhaling air through the mouth over the tongue provides a cooling effect.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. Furry animals with thick hides can quickly overheat, so you need to help them.

In your search for pet supplies online, you may have come across different types of misting systems. Please invest in one because they can keep the pets calm in the following ways.

  • Your pet stays cool, no matter how high the temperatures get. The automatic misting systems will self-adjust as appropriate. It is a helpful feature, especially when you may not be around to control the mister manually.
  • Animals like amphibians and reptiles in enclosures need humidity for various reasons. Amphibians need moisture to keep their skins hydrated. Reptiles need the same for shedding.
  • Misters in the terrarium provides moisture that is crucial for hydration.
  • Misting systems purify the air. Removing pathogens and dirt reduces the triggering of allergies.
  • Flies and other insects will not hang around a misting system. Imagine a scorching day with flies all over. That could drive up the stress levels for the pets.

Shopping for a Pet Misting System

You can find tons of options from wherever you buy pet supplies. Some are water-based, while others use air pumps. You also want a pet misting system that gives flexibility in terms of usage.

The Zed Medi Repti Rain automatic misting system is a good example. Its applications extend beyond the terrarium. You can also use it in bird cages, aviaries, or outdoors. Ensure the brand you buy includes a long hose. This allows for flexibility with regard to placement, both indoors and outdoors.

The size and type of the pet misting system will also depend on usage. A mister for a terrarium will be smaller than what you will use in a large dog enclosure. Yet, even the latter cannot compare to what you will use for larger animals like horses or cattle.

Don’t go for the cheapest model in the market. Consider a good quality misting pump a worthwhile investment. The best brands will give long-term usage.

Always remember, the hot seasons will inevitably roll around. You don’t want to deal with a heat-stressed pet because you bought a low-quality misting system.

Pet Misting System Outdoor Applications to Reduce Heat Stress

Not all pets live within the house. Some people keep rabbits, chickens, guinea pigs, horses, or even goats as pets. Others prefer not to live with the dogs in the house.

If the pets live in outdoor enclosures, it can get pretty uncomfortable during hot days. High temperatures can cause a number of issues including:-

  • Food intake significantly reduces at such times. This will impact the health and growth of the pet.
  • High heat can trigger allergies in animals. The outbreak can manifest in scabs or wounds in the nasal passages. In other cases, the skin will itch, causing significant discomfort. Together with high temperatures, all these can be extremely distressing to outdoor pets.
  • The family may lose the pet due to heatstroke.

Treating heat-related illnesses and the emotional impact of dealing with sick pets can be devastating.

Yet, a simple solution lies in investing in the right outdoor pet misting system. Placing the misting system in the enclosure, rabbit hutch or goat shelter can provide fantastic relief.

If you compare the cost of a pet misting machine to an AC, the savings are enormous. Yet, the systems work just as well. Installation or setup is also pretty easy.

Some are as simple as attaching them to a water faucet, and you are good to go. No hefty installation or maintenance fees thereafter.

Be careful about placement, though. The system should not be anywhere children or pets can knock it over. Those that use boiling water can cause severe burns.

Final Thoughts

If heat stresses you, imagine what it does to your pet. Think for a minute about how the furry creatures feel. It is like wearing a heavy fur coat on a sweltering day.

Heat stress is a very real, very dangerous condition in both humans and animals. While you can take care of yourself, the pets depend on you.

Invest in a good quality pet misting machine and help keep your pet calm during scorching days.



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