Top Features You’ll Find in Outdoor Roller Skates

Outdoor Skates

Authored by Athena Nagel

As per studies, roller skating can be highly beneficial for your health. It helps improve your stamina, balance, core strength and can help burn calories. It is a great way to start roller skating as your next hobby.

Skating is not just about skating rinks. If you like the outdoors, the open air, and the warm sun, you skate outdoors as well. However, you should pick high-quality outdoor roller skates for this. These skates are easier to handle on the rough ground than on the smooth surface of the rink.

Here is a guide to outdoor roller skates and how to find the best one.

Outdoor skates

What Are Outdoor Skates?

Many think that skating is meant for skating rinks only. But, that is not true.

You can skate outdoors as well. Asphalt, sidewalks, pavements, etc., are some of the most popular places to skate. However, it is better to have specialized roller skates when it comes to skating. Outdoor skates are the ones that are more stable in outdoor settings and give better speed on rough ground.

Types Of Outdoor Skates

There are two popular types of outdoor skates that you can find. One is the inline skate, and the other is the quad skate, both are available as kids roller skates also. Each skate has its pros and cons. Choice of skate depends on what type of skating you are going to participate in.

Quad Skate

Quad skates have four wheels and are a beginner-friendly option for most skaters. Usually, if you learn in a skating rink, you must have learned on a quad skate. They are easy to use on rough surfaces as well. These skates are easy to handle on uneven sidewalks and asphalt. They are easy to stop and do not compromise on stability even when the speed is high.

In-Line Skate

Inline skates are easier to handle if you experience roller skates. They are usually called roller blades, which have three or four wheels, and an inline wheel set up. They have less friction with the ground and thus provide more speed. They are perfect when you need to skate for a longer distance at higher rates.

Features To Look For

When it comes to buying the correct outdoor roller skates, there are a few things that you should pay attention to before making a purchase.

Easy Move: The movement of the skates should be smooth even on outdoor locations like pavements, sidewalks, and asphalt, and there should be less bounce while rolling.

Durometer: Durometer is one of the most crucial features of a skate wheel. It decides the hardness of the wheels, which in turn will determine the speed. A lower durometer means a soft wheel, more friction, and less speed. A higher durometer means hard wheels, less friction, and more speed.

Durable Boot: When the skates are in outdoor settings, you need to pay attention to the boots. The boots should be durable yet compact to endure the friction and bumps due to the rough surface.

High-Quality Bearings: The bearings of the skates should be reliable and durable. They should be easy to maintain.

Toe-Stop: The skate boot should have a high-quality toe-stop so that the speed can be controlled with ease without losing balance.

Height: Choice of the skate height depends on the expertise of the skater. The wheel diameter decides the height of the skates. The diameter can range from 58 mm to 110 mm.

Roller skating can be a fun activity that you can learn at any age. You can skate on pavements, dirt trails, and sidewalks with the perfect outdoor rollerblades.

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