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9 Mistakes Everyone Makes While Decorating a House

While decorating a flat, it’s complicated to find the balance between functionality, comfort, and style. No matter how much money we spend on decent furniture, rooms are always missing something, and as a result, they don’t look like the perfect apartments we see in magazines or slots on luxurious topics at Woo Casino. The reason is that you make several mistakes while decorating your house. These are the most common ones and how you can avoid making them.

Wires and Extension Cords

Household appliances and a variety of gadgets inevitably braid the house a lot of wires and extension cords, especially if the shortage of outlets. “Crawling” in all directions tangled wires – a real disaster for the interior, which can spoil even the most thoughtful design.

At the stage of planning the future interior, include extra outlets in the project. To put wires in order and hide them, use neat ties, cable ducts, and decorative techniques. Get an organizer box for places where wires congregate, put them in one of your desk drawers, or disguise them.

Household Utensils

An ironing board, iron, vacuum cleaner, or cleaning tools on display do not make the best impression – whatever style of the interior we are talking about, these items are not able to decorate it or fit in with the furnishings. 

If there is no special room in the apartment for household items, arrange a small corner in the hallway or kitchen in the form of a closed cabinet, where you can hide these indispensable items.

Abundance of Souvenirs and Chaotic Decor

A large number of small details, souvenirs, figurines, photo frames, which are placed in the interior here and there without any system, bring a sense of clutter into the interior.

Choose a shelf or part of a shelving unit on which you localize the little things that are dear to your heart, creating a collection and at the same time freeing the interior from the visual noise that came from them.

Protective Plaids

Putting a protective plaid on an expensive sofa so as not to spoil the upholstery or draping an armchair with a blanket is a technique that today gives an extremely contradictory impression. 

Today, manufacturers of upholstered furniture offer models of armchairs and sofas with modern upholstery, which “resist” pollution. Also, upholstered furniture with removable covers will be easy to care for.

Artificial Flowers

There’s no reason modern interiors can put up with artificial plastic flowers – whole bouquets, garlands or freestanding artificial “plants” of any size. 

For those who do not have the ability to contain even the most unpretentious indoor plants, but want to enliven the interior with greenery, instead of artificial plants it is better to use pictures or make part of the wall with a large plant print wallpaper. A rich green color will dilute and refresh even the most monotonous interior.

Temporary Furniture

In situations that require savings, temporary furniture often appears in the house. There is a big risk associated with it – temporary furniture can take a permanent place in the house and spoil the integrity of the interior. 

When the family budget does not allow you to assemble the necessary set at once, do not rush to save money by buying temporary furniture of dubious quality for replacement. It is better to postpone the purchase for some time and review the functionality of existing furniture than to purchase a temporary item.

Disorganized Shoe Storage

A small shoe shelf that can’t hold all the pairs, and shoes standing in disarray on the floor makes the overall appearance of the entrance area unsettled and sloppy, even if all other items are perfectly in place.

To successfully organize shoe storage, use closed modules in the hallway – pedestals and shoe racks – which are suitable for both every day and seasonal storage, and open shelves for pairs that are used most often. In cases where there are many of these pairs, the option of hinged shelves at the bottom of the wall, which can accommodate all the shoes, is suitable.


In small rooms with a free layout such a technique as zoning.  It helps to divide the living space without having to use walls.

It is possible to separate zones with furniture, light, floor, walls or ceiling, and color.

Mistakes in zoning are: a lot of dedicated zones and combining a large number of types of zoning in one room. The dwelling will turn into a “patchwork” in the first case. In the second case – it will create the impression that the room is divided into small rooms, and this will create an uncomfortable state. In addition, in both cases, the interior of the house will lose harmony, integrity, and comfort.

Uncomfortable Placement of Switches and Outlets

It is best to decide where the light switches and outlets will be located at the planning stage. In order to calculate the number of outlets, you need to know exactly how many electrical appliances will be in the house, and to decide where to place them, you need to imagine where these devices will be located. But in any case, even if it is planned to install only one TV in the room, you should think about where to turn it on, for example, a vacuum cleaner.

When calculating the number of outlets and their location, you should consider the future acquisition of appliances and their location in the house.

As for the location of switches, it is important that they are not located behind an open door or behind a cabinet.

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