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How to Create a Scandinavian Style Interior: Top 6 Main Tricks

Scandinavian style – one of the most popular modern trends in design. It is not difficult to create such an interior, we tell you about the main tricks

Warm and cozy, the Scandinavian style has its origins not in culture and history, but in the peculiarities of the geographical location and climate of the Scandinavian countries. It is based on natural motifs: water, stones, forest – this is the whole of Scandinavia. In design, it is reflected in simple forms, natural materials, and shades.

Experts often note that the Scandinavian style is built on techniques, but not on rigid canons. It is important to understand the essence, and the result can be achieved without large financial expenses. Thanks to the functional design and competent zoning, the Scandinavian style is a godsend for those who seek to effectively use every square meter.

Color and Light

Light colors unite the interior into a whole and fill the rooms with light, which is so lacking in northern latitudes. For the same reason, an important accent in the Scandinavian interior is large windows – they are not covered with curtains, and only sometimes hang a transparent tulle or a light cotton fabric.

Calm light colors will be the perfect solution for decorating the rooms. They are rarely boring and visually make the space wider, which is important for small rooms. Therefore, creating a Scandinavian interior at home, it is better to paint the walls in white, beige, or light gray.

The Texture

Scandinavian interiors are imbued with a love for nature, this is emphasized by the abundance of natural materials: wood, wool, cotton, as well as many indoor plants.

Designers recommend using untreated wood for the Scandinavian style. Ideally, it should be unpainted or covered with white paint wood. The simple reception of the Scandinavian interior is to make the floor in the whole apartment in one color and texture. This will visually expand the space and give it integrity.

Practicality and Eclecticism

The original Scandinavian interiors were filled with details for many years. First, the necessary furniture was arranged, and then the accessories and decor elements were assembled over the years. This explains the eclecticism of the style, which combines vintage furniture, modern design, and accessories from “grandma’s coffer.”

The main characteristics of the Scandinavian style are practical furniture made of natural materials, minimalist design, and simple lines. However, to create a stylish interior, you need to learn how to combine modern furniture with vintage details.


Designers love the Scandinavian style for its eco-friendliness and simple shapes, which make such interiors as lovely as games at CasinoWoo. Caring about ecology is a way of life expressed in everyday habits: saving water, sorting garbage, buying furniture and accessories made of recycled materials. Natural elements in the interior often perform practical functions: a stump as a stool, a tree branch instead of a hanger, or driftwood as a base for a table.

Bright Accents

The combination of natural wood and white walls requires bright accents. In a Scandinavian interior use no more than two colors. It is better if the colored will be small details: paintings or posters, vases, original lamps. Bright accents should be few.

Scandinavian interiors often seem simple, but sometimes there are stucco and crystal chandeliers, musical instruments or wine racks, and unusual fixtures. Integrating intricate elegant details into the interior is a great way to create a stylish space. Besides, homes in Scandinavia are decorated with a lot of textiles: cushions, plaids, poufs, and bright mats give a sense of warmth and coziness.

Storage Systems

In Scandinavian interiors, these are open shelves and shelving instead of expensive cabinet furniture. Now on sale are many innovative storage systems, the fashion for which came with IKEA stores. For example, universal systems of open cabinets allow you to conveniently and elegantly place numerous things in the interior.

They are inexpensive and self-assembled, but at the same time, they are a new generation of ergonomics. You can arrange the filling of the closet as you want, fixing it in any order of hangers, shelves, and drawers. At any time, you can add or change something.

What to Add to the Room


According to all the canons of hygge the interior should be sustained in light natural colors. The eye rests on the textile without garish ornaments, and the short daylight hours seem a little longer due to the fact that the room itself becomes brighter. The armchair should be soft, in which it will be desirable to get up with legs, and even with a high back, so there was something to lean your head-on if you suddenly dozed off.

A Cozy Nook by the Window

In fact, redesigning the whole interior in favor of comfort is not necessary – it is enough to create a single nook, where you can retreat with a book and a delicious tea. If you are a lucky owner of a window with a low, wide window sill, take advantage of the opportunity. Throw pillows, a comforter and you’ve got a ready-made bed for long gatherings, and a nice view too.


The crackling of logs is the easiest way to create a cozy atmosphere. However, it is difficult to imagine an interior, where the fireplace in one form or another will look superfluous.

Bathtub in the Style of Hygge

Wooden wall cladding, of course, is the perfect backdrop for hygge. But actually, a cozy atmosphere in the bathroom is not difficult to create with little effort: dim the lights, light a lot of candles and fill the bathroom with, for example, lavender extract. Good soft towels, terry robes, and slippers will enhance and prolong the right feeling.


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