5 Vital Elements of Automated Company Phone Greetings

Every company aspires to offer top-notch customer service. But they often fail to realize that they need to maintain open, friendly, and supportive communication with their customers. Voice over recording can help companies automate and mainstream their communications through interactive voice response IVR.

Thanks to technological advancement, companies can automate their customer service by setting up voice recordings on their company calls. IVR recording professionals should record the voice-over to ensure superior voice quality and the right voice tone.

These recordings can be done beforehand and assigned to their dedicated and accurate slot. Before you record any company recording, you should understand how effective company communication occurs. Therefore here are five vital elements of automated company phone greetings that you should know.

  • Welcome Message

An excellent start to a customer service call is half the work done. Customers need to feel valued and welcome. Therefore the IVR recording must greet and welcome the caller with suitable greetings. It can wish them good morning based on the time of the day and ask about how their day is going. Avoid using overused and typical company greetings like “your call is important to us.” Or else, you might lose the natural essence of communication and might lose the caller’s interest.

  • Company Introduction

The warm and welcoming greetings set a good start for commuting with the customers. Now that you have built the initial rapport, the recording should tell the caller about your company. It will help them build a context of the call and take further action. It is essential how you portray your company in the recording. Remember that these are recorded responses, so you cannot answer the customers’ questions. Therefore it’s essential to avoid creating scenarios where the customers might ask questions. The idea is to keep the communication natural, so the callers won’t feel like talking to a robot.

  • Voice Quality

The most vital aspect of company recordings is the voice quality. The high-quality voice will ensure the communication is clear without any misunderstandings and confusion. It is recommended to do your voice-over recording at the recording studios. They have the necessary tools and expertise to produce high-quality voice recordings with crisp sound. It makes sense to invest money in high-quality voice recording as you don’t want to land in a legal dispute due to a misunderstanding caused by poor voice quality during your company call.

  • Voice Tone

The voice tone is an essential element of the recording process. The voice tone must be positive, warm, and friendly. The caller should feel welcomed and set on the right path for further communication. The voice must have essential ups and downs in pitch, making it feel more natural and not coming from a robot. Voice talent at the recording studios has years of experience producing high-quality recordings. They have in-depth knowledge of voice tones that help them set the right tone for recording according to the client’s expectations.

  • Call to Action

The core purpose of any business call is to get more information, find a solution, or report an inconvenience. As the recordings are automated and pre-recorded, leading the caller to the right solution can be challenging. Therefore the recording must include a clear call to action to guide the customer to the right solutions. Most automated calls tell callers to press specific keys to take them to the next section. These steps are clear to avoid any misunderstanding.

A perfect company call is the combination of these elements. Make sure your customer feels valued from the beginning of the call and take the right actions through your voice recording to guide the customer toward a solution and achieve customer satisfaction.


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