Fascinating Facts About Surrogacy in Mexico

The most challenging question for those who consider starting the surrogacy adventure is probably the initial one: which country to choose and why? You can compare surrogacy law in various countries and means every clinic resorts to in their surrogacy process but you may still be unable to make a decision.

For instance, Mexico is becoming increasingly popular among intended parents. You may have heard a lot of successful stories about surrogacy in this country but, if you still have doubts, feel free to contact a trustworthy surrogacy agency like the World Center of Baby. We will gladly outline the benefits of undertaking surrogacy in Mexico.

Surrogacy in Mexico Outline

The perfect opportunity for intended parents for achieving actual parenthood through surrogacy in Mexico is specifically provided by the law. Bear in mind that heterosexual, gay, and single IPs can all legally get involved in the surrogacy process all over the country apart from Tabasko state.

Mexican surrogacy legislation also states that only gestational surrogacy is allowed in the country. Thus, the surrogate mother – who is not biologically linked to the child – cannot claim the child as hers.

Moreover, the surrogacy law in Mexico also protects the intended parents from another legal point of view. A special court order was issued to authorize the terms of the agreement between the IPs and the surrogate mother. It ensures that the names of both IPs are specified in the birth certificate. And if that’s not enough, they can also acquire a Mexican passport for their child if the birth takes place in this country.

All this means that Mexico is a perfect destination for IPs of various genders and marital statuses that allows you to enjoy the path to parenthood through surrogacy with minimal legal roadblocks.

Wrapping Up

Adding up the benefits and risks of surrogacy in Mexico doesn’t have to be a task undertaken by the IPs alone. There are experienced surrogacy agencies in Mexico who will help you with it and we suggest you employ the services of one like World Center of Baby which will prove that surrogacy can be easy.

In case you feel like there is still something you need to be explained, just visit the WCOB website to apply for a consultation with our experts.



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