How to Attach 2 Point Sling to an AR 15

A sling is a type of belt that allows you to keep your firearm efficiently on the body. Whether you are using a gun, spiral, or machination, getting a sling will help you increase your potential and impact when shooting.  While slings can be categorized into different types depending on their advantages and disadvantages, the two-point sling is the oldest and the most common architecture in the market.

The two-point sling comes with double intersection points that harbor the arms up and down, letting the cassette hold it over the back, with the sling draping around the neck or face. When correctly mounted, some 2-point slings will play the role of bombing assists. This reveals why 2-point slings have been used as essential elements in the Scout Rifle concept, acting both as holding belts and support when a high risk of hit is needed.

Conversely, the AR-15 is distinguished as a hasty-branded air-cooled, gas-operated fire engine fuel gun manufactured in the United States as a firearm for the Armed Forces. The AR-15 was originally intended to be a lightweight weapon to be used in the installation of modern high-speed, light-sized, and small-caliber rifle models that deliver more ammunition.

Here’s how to attach a 2-point sling to an AR-15 rifle.

1. Navigate the weapon to know the essential parts first

Remember, your 2-point sling has two mounting points. This explains why it is vital to know the essential parts.

The strap is used for carrying the rifle. It hangs in front of the shooter.

The connector is the material that joins the sling to the mount. It can be a fixed metal swivel, sling loop, or a quick detach.

The mount is the part of your AR-15 rifle that connects the attachment hardware.

2. Check the attachment hardware

The mounting options on your AR 15 rifle will be determined by the kind of sling you possess. While traditional slings use simple loops, others will use hooks for quick attachment and detachment. Here are the standard options you will find for your sling attachment:

Clip– This is a metallic or plastic carabiner-kind of hook that clips on the mounting ring. You may use it for fast and easy removal of the sling.

Quick detach- This may come as a swivel loop or a stud design. You may remove or connect to the rifle by pressing a button.

Buffer tube end plate- A circle-shaped attachment area on your AR-15 rifle that comes either in ambidextrous or single configurations.

3.  Mount the rear point

The sling can be mounted at three points: the top riffle’s rail, the stock end, or the buffer tube.

If you are using a sling with push QD buttons on both ends, attaching the QD to the opposite side of the firearm would be a great idea.

4. Mount the front point

You may mount the front point anywhere along the hand guard’s or receiver’s quad rail. Do this by inserting the cord into the swing swivel and then to the buckle without twisting. Nonetheless, going back through the buckle is advisable if you use a QD.

5. Make some adjustments

This will depend on your preferences. However, you will have to put the sling on your dominant shoulder and then make the befitting adjustments while ensuring that the length doesn’t get in the way while you are operating the rifle.


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