How to Stop a Corgi from Biting
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How to Stop a Corgi from Biting

Corgi puppies are undoubtedly one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. From their potato-shaped bodies and floppy ears to stumpy legs, Corgi puppies can be very irresistible. Indeed, you may spend hours playing with your Corgi puppy, until it starts biting you.

It all starts when you let your Corgi puppy nibble on your fingers when you spend some quality time scratching his ears. Then, the situation escalates to encouraging him to pounce on your hands during playtime. Then, one day, your ‘lovely’ Corgi puppy bites down on your arm, and this is when you start realizing that you are taming a ‘tiny’ beast in your home.

Even in this situation, your Corgi puppy will look at you with great confusion, wondering why you decided to stop the fun it was initially used to all of a sudden.

Remember, your actions conditioned your Corgi to conceptualize biting as a critical element of their playtime.

The good news is that your Corgi puppy can be trained to stop biting. Please read on to find out how to prevent your Corgi dog from chewing on your person.

Invest in some Chew Toys

Substituting your skin with the best toys for your Corgi is the best way to stop them from biting. However, substitution is good but it’s important to teach them not to bite in the first place. Spare some money to buy your Corgi puppy some teething toys that are great for chewing.

Toys like chewy bones accompanied with peanut butter can be a great source of distraction. You may also opt for balls and ropes to distract your Corgi puppy from biting. Similarly, these toys can be handy in tiring your Corgi out and wearing down some of their energy.

Yelp whenever they bite you

Puppies have extraordinary learning abilities. As such, you must teach them to learn not to bite when they are playing. One of the most effective ways to teach this skill is through a technique called bite inhibition which gives your Corgi puppy the ability to control the force it imposes on its mouth when biting.

Any time you play with your Corgi puppy, grant them the opportunity to mouth your hands. However, you need to yelp and let your hand go limp. Your puppy should stop biting you immediately after the yelp.

Poke the inner parts of your Corgi puppy’s mouth

Another way to halt your Corgi pup from biting is to curl your finger into the top part of their mouth whenever it bites you. Be keen to apply some pressure with your nail on the roof of their mouth to exert uncomfortable pressure.

However, the poke should not be too hard to hurt them. Instead, it should just be enough to teach them a lesson and make them realize that biting is not a good habit. The hope for poking is to let your Corgi puppy know that you don’t want them to bite people because it hurts.

Patience pays

All these methods may fail. However, you will have to acknowledge that this stage will come to an end.  Your Corgi puppy will start losing those sharp teeth at around 5 or 6 months and grow out of the biting trait. Just be patient as you give them a lot of toys to play with as they learn that biting is never a nifty option.



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