Off-Grid Camping: How to Prepare

Off-Grid Camping is a thrill for tourists that want to escape the bustle of regular camps. They won’t have to worry about other campers noisily disturbing their rest. It also provides adventure for those who like vacations outside traditional tourist spots. However, with many advantages of off-grid camping comes its disadvantages. You will be away from stores and modern conveniences. Therefore, you need to be adequately prepared to enjoy your adventure.

How to Prepare for Off-Grid Camping

Before leaving home, ensure you estimate how long you will be camping, as this will guide your preparation to prevent being stranded in the woods, mountains, or desert.

Research the Place You Are Going

The first thing you should do when preparing for off-grid camping is to research the place you are going. Know the weather and items that are essential to coming to the area. There are many camping sites in Australia, and you can easily choose the environment that suits you most.

You need to know if the spot is free or paid. This is also the period to know whether you need to get permission before camping.

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Pack All the Essentials

Preparing for camping begins before the day you set off. Seasoned campers create lists to ensure they do not miss anything or have to make last-minute purchases. When packing for off-grid camping, things you should pack include:

  • A portable power station, whether generator or solar panels
  • Electronics like lighting, fans, fridge, grill/stove are all vital
  • First aid kit
  • Drinking water, water filters, and extra water storage
  • Non-perishable food and snacks
  • Cooking appliances and storage
  • Maps and GPS
  • Tents and sleeping bags

Ensure Your Van Is Ready for the Adventure

Before you embark on a trip to an off-grid campsite, ensure your van is in good condition. Most off-grid camps are in the woods, mountainous, and deserts. These areas have bad terrains, and your van can break down if not strong enough. Since the most common mishap is a flat tire, ensure you have strong tires and keep a spare on board.

Ideal Spots for Off-Grid Camping in Australia

There are many great spots for off-grid camping in Australia. Most are well-protected national parks where you can spend time away from everything but nature. Here are some ideal spots you may consider during your research:

  • Teerk Rook Ra National Park
  • Bundjalung National Park
  • Castle Rock, Girraween National park
  • Conondale National Park, Sunshine Coast hinterland
  • Fowlers Bay Caravan Park
  • Sundown National Park, Southern Downs
  • Lake Moogerah, Scenic Rim
  • Deepwater National Park, South of Agnes water


If you want to go off-grid camping, you need a positive mindset. Be open to the adventure and get ready to tackle unexpected challenges. You should have a personalised list of tasks to ensure you do not miss anything. Seasoned campers know this and can’t do without their camping lists.

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