5 Best Applications to Track Gas Prices

In the past few months, as crude oil prices increase, fuel prices have been soaring worldwide, and gas is getting more expensive.

It has pushed many people to look for different ways to save some money while fuelling their cars. Commuting is almost a basic necessity, but the increased prices make it challenging to save money on fuel.

So, most gas stations have started loyalty programs for their regular customers, and these points get added to the card when you refuel the car. Moreover, certain companies offer unique discounts and vouchers to improve sales and satisfy their customers.

However, there are many fueling stations and tons of different offers available. So, many have started using mobile applications to track gas prices, discounts, fastest routes, and other attractive ways to save money on fuel.

So, the following are 5 of the best apps for gas prices. You can use them to find the shortest routes to a destination or check gas prices at the nearest fuelling station and save on fuel.

  • Google maps

Google Maps is arguably the most popular wayfinding and navigation application worldwide. The application has many practical features that make life relatively easy, giving them the confidence to go to unknown places without worrying about anything.

Google has features wherein you can search for gas stations along your route and check the nearest stations.

However, the pricing feature works only when the station has uploaded its pricing. So, it may not work for every station or location.

  • Waze

While it shares some of the same features with Google maps, such as navigation and finding the fuel station along the route, it also has a unique feature. This application can provide real-time information about traffic and police checkpoints on the way. Waze can get live updates because it sources the info through its users.

If a user is stuck in traffic or crosses a police checkpoint, they can update it on the application.

It is one of the best applications for looking for the most efficient routes to a destination.

  • Upside

The upside is a perfect application if you want to maximize your savings. It secures a spot in 5 of the best apps for gas prices owing to its practical features.

Once you fill the gas, you can upload the receipt onto the app to be eligible for vouchers and cashback into your account.

  • Gas buddy

In addition to its navigation features, the users can use the gas buddy application to update the gas pricing at various stations. It also enables the users to review them.

Furthermore, they introduced a card program to help users save more money.

  • Native gas station apps

To improve customer retention and ensure repeat visitors, gas station companies have launched loyalty programs that award points for gas and convenience store purchases.

For instance, Exxon has launched their app Exxon Mobile Rewards+ for their users, and this application is available on android and IOS devices.

So, an excellent way to save money on fuel is by taking the shortest route, or if you need to refuel, you can scour fuel stations through these applications. In addition, by being loyal to one company, you can gain more points which you will be able to redeem for gift cards, cash, or more gas.


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