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Finding a measuring tape around the house is easy, but measuring rings is much more difficult. Luckily, the Glitz Design Gemoro Superior Instruments Multi-Sizer makes it easy for you to measure your ring size accurately at home. Making sure you get the correct size is super important. After all, you want your new bling to fit. My experience with sizing has made me not only choose only quality materials but helped me develop an easy way to measure.

The most important thing to remember when measuring a ring size is that you need to measure your finger at normal body temperature. This means taking off the rings you are already wearing and ensuring that your hands are not cold or sweaty. You must also take your time and measure each finger several times. The best way to ensure that your measurements are accurate is to use the Glitz Designs Finger Measurement Tool.

Measure the Largest Knuckle On Your Finger

If you have a knuckle that sticks out more than others, this will be the largest part of your finger. Measuring from this point will ensure that you get an accurate size for your ring.

If Between Sizes, Use the Larger Size

If you fall between two sizes, choose the larger size because it will be more comfortable and easier to remove if necessary. In addition, if you are ordering multiple rings in different sizes, we recommend ordering them all in larger sizes. Most of our customers prefer their rings to fit snugly so they can wear them comfortably while sleeping, exercising, or doing other everyday activities.

Finger At Normal Body Temperature

All measurements should be at normal body temperature (around 85°F or 30°C). A cold finger shrinks 1⁄4 size when exposed to cold temperatures and expands 1⁄4 size when exposed to warm temperatures.

My Experience

I wear three rings. Years ago, I wore my engagement ring and wedding band and had a major injury to my finger, and my rings needed to be cut off. It took about two years to put the rings back on, but my finger was no longer the same size; it was smaller. I then started wearing my grandmother’s wedding band (which was smaller) in front of my rings to keep mine from falling off. Then there came a day that even her ring was too big. I had all three rings soldered together a bit smaller, and we were good again. Two years later, the rings were too big again – so now I wear a smaller silicone band in front of my rings, so I don’t lose them.

This ring sizer will help to get my rings resized – again! It’s crazy how my finger keeps getting smaller, but it is what it is.


Glitz Design has developed a ring size guide that can help you determine the correct size for your ring. The information included here is designed to help you accurately measure your finger and, thus, your ring size. If you or someone you know is looking for an easy way to determine their ring size, this article will be helpful.

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    The fact that you mentioned considering the ring size before purchasing one is helpful. Each ring reflects the wearer’s personality, so it is worth considering.

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