5 Tips On How To Create the Wow Factor That Your Neighbors Will Want To Copy

There are, in this world, many people who like their house to be the best on the block or down their road. Regardless of whether you are one of these people that go above and beyond all others to create a look or not, by focusing your attention on a few select areas, you can make a particularly large difference to how you and others see your property from the outside.

#1 Resurface your drive

You will find that for most houses with a drive to the front or side of the property, the drive comprises a particularly large area; if it doesn’t, it should be made a feature. Choosing block pavers or other attractive finishes to your drive can lift the front of a property and, if chosen well, attract the eye and give a pleasing wow factor.

#2 Replace your exterior doors and windows

It is not all about the drive itself. There is no doubt that it will end in a garage door or more of some description. Marrying up your front door with any garage doors can provide a unified front to your home, yet so many people concentrate on their front door, leaving their garage doors looking like they belong entirely to another home.

#3 Edge your lawn

If you have a lawned area, it is a good idea to edge it. This will help draw people’s eyes along pathways, including your drive if your lawn butts up against it. Whether a log roll, stone, or loose gravel, lawn edging can make it easier to mow your lawn and provide a pleasing separation between borders and areas of interest.

#4 Plant striking foliage and flowers

With this in mind, you should consider the optimum places to plant striking plants, beautiful flowers, and shrubs. If you are not overly keen on gardening, look to those that are evergreens or do not require replanting every year. Plenty of flowering shrubs available on the market are weather-hardy to keep your work to a minimum but have your property looking great.

#5 Dress your porch

Keep your porch area dressed and looking good. There is plenty of garden furniture that is weatherproof and does not necessarily require the use of cushions and throws to make them look great.

Placing a colorful pot of flowers in the center of a metal table with dining chairs can be very inviting even on a grey day, and hanging baskets around the front door and the entrance to your porch. Ensure that your porch is well maintained, remove cobwebs frequently, and deal with any pealing paintwork quickly.

To wrap it all up

When you want to create the wow factor in your neighborhood, you do not necessarily have to think about the interior of your home until you are ready. Getting the exterior to the front and sides of your property is more important. This can be achieved with a little care and attention and, depending on your starting point, may not cost nearly as much as you think. The key is to focus on the main parts that draw the eye, such as the large areas of garage doors, driveway, and porch area, and get the viewer to look where you want them to.

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