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Aventon Soltera 7 – 7 Speed Step Through E-Bike

The Aventon Soltera 7 is an entry-level electric bike with a 350-watt rear hub motor, front and rear disc brakes, and a 6061 double-butted aluminum alloy with an internal battery. It has a step-through design for easy on/off access. You can pedal the bike like a regular bicycle or use the pedal assist on hills and long rides. You can go anywhere up to 20 MPH with five levels of assistance!

Benefits of E-Bikes

The benefits of an e-bike are many, but people choose them over traditional bikes because they’re so much easier to ride uphill and on hills. If there’s any incline in your path, an e-bike makes it possible to climb up it all while still maintaining speed and not worrying about losing momentum while pedaling uphill.

Good for the environment

Electric bicycles are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Not only do they help you get around town quickly, but they also reduce your need to use fossil fuels or public transportation.

Keeps you active

Bicycles are a great way to get exercise and stay fit. They’re also a fun way to spend time with friends and family. Commuting work by bicycle can help you burn extra calories and improve your overall health.

Hills become easy

Electric bicycles make hills much easier to climb because of their powerful motors. The Aventon Soltera 7 can climb hills with steep grades that would normally be too steep for human-powered bikes. This makes riding more fun and safer as well! It also allows you to go further than ever before.

Ability to ride faster

With its powerful motor, the Aventon Soltera 7 allows you to ride faster than ever without exerting as much effort from yourself or feeling out of breath! This makes commutes shorter and getting around town easier than ever before!

Fun and easy way to commute

It’s also a great fitness tool for those seeking more exercise on their daily commute. The assistance level can be adjusted to suit your needs, meaning you can ride further and faster than ever!

No license needed

An E-Bike is a pedal bike (not an electric scooter), so no license is required to ride one on the road or cycle path.

Fun to ride

Riding an E-Bike is fun! You will enjoy the independence that comes with commuting by bike again!

Improves mental health

Riding an e-bike is good for your mental health because it releases endorphins that make you feel happy and relaxed. It also relieves stress and tension in your body and stimulates circulation in the brain, which can help boost concentration and focus.

Easy to own and maintain

E-bikes are affordable compared to other transportation methods, such as cars or motorcycles, because they have low maintenance costs like regular bicycles, making them inexpensive to own and maintain over time.

Inexpensive to use

E-bikes require electricity instead of fuel like regular vehicles, saving you money on gas and maintenance costs over time. And since they don’t need insurance or registration, keeping them off the road when not in use is easy.

Convenient for city dwellers

E-bikes are much more convenient than owning a car because parking is easy (no more circling for spots), and there are fewer traffic jams, tolls, and tolls!

Soltera 7

Now that you know the benefits of an e-bike let’s talk about the Aventon Soltera 7.


Seafoam Green, Salmon Pink, or Moonrock Gray. The seafoam green is as gorgeous as I had hoped.

Building the bike

The bike arrives with everything you need, including tools, to assemble. The instructions are easy to follow, and all intricate parts arrive already assembled. I hate assembling anything, and this took only about fifteen minutes.


It didn’t take long at all for the battery to charge. The charging box does get very hot so charge it where there is nothing flammable nearby. We charge ours in the garage so the box can rest on the concrete.


The display is easy to read at any level of outdoor lighting. The display does not turn on while the bike is charging.

Assistance levels

There are five levels of pedal assist, beginning with zero and no assistance.


A headlight and two flashing installed tail lights allow the rider to remain safe at all times.

Clip in battery

The battery is molded right into the frame. Nothing bulky. The bike is sleek and has two keys to remove the battery, which has a lever and pops out easily.

Solid build

You know those bikes you get home, and it seems like, within 24 hours, something is falling off or falling apart? This is NOT that! Everything is sturdy and solid on this bike, including the kickstand. I can’t tell you how often I have had a kickstand become loose and fall off, unable to support the bike, and more. This kickstand is amazing. Not going to lie if I saw this bike in a store, the kickstand would sell me without any of the other features.


Available in two sizes – small/medium height: 4’11” – 5’7″ and medium/large height: 5’7″ – 6’1″.


Have you ever ridden a bike and flown right over the handlebars when you try to use the brakes? I have, and it is awful. These brakes are smooth as can be. They brake well without over-braking.


Do you feel like the price is too steep? No worries, Aventon has partnered with Affirm to offer flexible payment options.

Are you ready?

Check out the Aventon Soltera 7 today – you will wonder what took so long to take the leap!

Aventon Soltera 7

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