What Can I Do To Relieve Pain or Swelling?

Although swollen gums are common, the pain might bother you for a week or even more. When you know there’s something wrong with your oral health, why not consult an emergency dentist Tennessee? You might have a tooth abscess or even a bacterial infection in your gums.

Often, you might experience bleeding gums along with pain. In this article, we have discussed some of the common remedies to treat gum swelling and pain. While you can reach out to the emergency dentists at Teledentistry round the clock, our guidelines would help you seek temporary comfort.

What can cause swelling and pain in your gums?

Before delving into some of the home remedies to relieve pain and swelling of your gums, let’s check out why you might be experiencing the pain in the first place.

1.    Tooth abscess

A bacterial infection in your mouth can lead to a tooth abscess. It can affect the side of the root in a tooth or its tip. The development of pus in the abscesses can result in intense pain. This happens primarily due to injuries, cavities, or cracks in your tooth. The bacteria find their way into the tooth through these cracks, leading to an infection.

If you have a tooth abscess, you might experience a throbbing toothache radiating toward your jawbone and ear. Other symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes, swelling in your neck and face, sensitivity while chewing or biting, or extreme temperatures.

2.    Gingivitis

This is a gum disease that reputed dentists can treat at the early stages. You will experience red, puffy, and painful gums if you have gingivitis. After you brush your teeth, you can experience bleeding from the gums. Make sure to limit your tobacco intake if you have gingivitis. Besides, your dentist would restrict your drinking habits or the consumption of sugary snacks.

3.    Deficiency of Vitamin C

If your diet lacks adequate Vitamin C, you might experience swelling in the gums. Often, people suffering from this deficiency get scurvy. Reputed dentists recommend having grapes and oranges to boost your Vitamin C intake, besides prescribing the necessary medicines.

Apart from these, developing your wisdom teeth might be another potential reason for swelling your gums.

Effective remedies to treat painful and swelling gums

In case of severe pain and discomfort, reach out to an emergency dentist. Meanwhile, here are some home remedies that would provide you with temporary relief.

1.    Cold and warm compresses

Applying a warm or cold compress on your cheek can help you alienate the pain to some extent. You may also apply the compress directly to the affected portion of the gum.

In the case of a hot compress, don’t boil the water. It should be warm enough to tolerate the temperature. Soak a clean piece of cloth in it and squeeze the extra water off. Now press it on the affected area or your cheek for comfort.

You can use an ice pack as a cold compress. Wrap the ice in a clean cloth and repeat the same process as the warm compress. Finally, you can apply warm and cold compresses until your emergency dentist prescribes a drug.

2.    Rinse with salt water

If you experience painful gums, use salt water to rinse the affected area. Saltwater has antimicrobial properties that prevent bacteria from growing in your mouth. Besides, it kills bacteria that have been affecting the area.

Pour lukewarm water into a cup and add one teaspoon of salt to it. Now swish the saltwater in your mouth. Rinse the affected gum for some time and spit the saltwater out. Make sure to avoid swallowing the water. Swishing your gum with salt water twice daily, along with the prescribed medicines, should cure your gum soon.

3.    Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has some powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. If you are experiencing oral ailments like painful or swollen gums, tea tree oil can help. Take a few drops of this oil in a glass of water. Wash your mouth in this solution for a temporary remedy. Meanwhile, contact the emergency dentist and get the right medication prescribed. Dentists also recommend using toothpaste containing tea tree oil for better results.

4.    Use tea bags

There’s a plant compound in tea bags known as tannins. This compound is effective in destroying bacteria thriving in your gums. It kills the bacteria irritating your gums. No wonder why dentists recommend using tea bags for temporary pain relief.

You would experience the puckering feeling you get after consuming red wine or strong tea. Besides, some ingredients in tea, such as ginger, help to heal inflammation.

Dip a tea bag in boiling water for a few minutes before removing it. Let the bag cool down for a few minutes. Apply it to the painful gum and keep it for around five minutes. This will help you mitigate the discomfort to some extent.

5.    Homemade dental spray

Before reaching out to the emergency dentist, try preparing this homemade dental spray. Applying this to the affected area can help you get relief from pain.

Essential oils serve as the prime ingredient in this spray. Get a clean spray bottle and fill it with water. Put five drops of essential oils like clove, peppermint, or oregano oil. Now spray this solution on the gums directly. The anti-inflammatory properties of these oils would help you get some relief.


When you experience swelling gums and toothache, reach out to an emergency dentist at the outset. Experienced dentists at Teledentistry are available 24/7. The experts can help you alleviate the pain by prescribing the necessary medicines.

Meanwhile, you can try these home remedies and comfort your swollen gums. The dentists would directly send your prescription to the pharmacy. This assures that you can collect the medicines instantly and treat your gums.

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