Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret. #ItsMeMargaret

On Digital June 6, On Demand June 27,

and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack and DVD  

July 11 from Lionsgate® 

In this long-awaited movie adaption of Judy Blume’s classic, groundbreaking novel, eleven-year-old Margaret (Abby Ryder Fortson) is uprooted from her life in New York City to the suburbs of New Jersey, going through the messy and tumultuous throes of puberty with new friends in a new school. She relies on her mother, Barbara (Rachel McAdams), who is also struggling to adjust to life outside the big city, and her adoring grandmother, Sylvia (Kathy Bates). A timeless coming-of-age story, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret sparkles with insightful humor while candidly exploring life’s biggest questions.


  • Finally That Time: Making Margaret
  • Are You There Margaret? It’s Me, Judy.
  • The Secret Crew Club: Margaret and Friends
  • Bringing the Period to Life: Designing Margaret
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Roundtable Discussion
  • Theatrical Trailer

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My Thoughts

Hey movie enthusiasts! Recently I had the great fortune of watching “Are You There God? It’s Margaret,” and let me just say it completely captivated my emotions! This film perfectly captured my adolescent struggles, and I could not get enough!
Let’s first discuss the cast. Abby Ryder Fortson made me feel like Margaret was my long-lost soul sister with her relatable and engaging performance as our main protagonist, while Rachel McAdams stole every scene she appeared in as Margaret’s mom Barbara; while Kathy Bates stole every scene as her grandma Sylvia; truly an ensemble cast!
The story follows eleven-year-old Margaret’s journey as she navigates puberty, transitions to a new town, and attempts to discover where she fits in. We all know being a teenager can be challenging! Margaret’s experience was especially relatable because I did as well – at that age, I, too, questioned religion and found my relationship with God troubling; somehow, the movie hit home for me and resonated deeply.
One aspect I found truly incredible in this movie was its ability to capture the awkwardness and confusion of adolescence while adding insightful humor. It tackles big, daunting questions about life, friendship, and faith with grace; not shying away from confronting issues like life changes or messy conversations like friendship and faith makes it relatable and genuine.
Now let’s examine the special features available on both Blu-ray and DVD versions of Margaret. These features include “Finally That Time: Making Margaret,” which takes viewers behind the scenes of its production; “Are You There Margaret? It’s Me, Judy,” which examines Judy Blume’s classic novel as source material; and finally, there is “The Secret Crew Club: Margaret and Friends,” which examines cast/crew bonds as well as deleted scenes, roundtable discussions, and theatrical trailers to delight you with your viewing pleasure!
“Are You There, God? It’s Margaret” is an engaging comedy-drama that beautifully captures the essence of adolescence through relatable characters and passionate scenes. A timeless coming-of-age story, it offers powerful insight into those big questions we all faced during that transitional phase in our lives – like doubting religion and God itself as teenagers! If this film speaks to your soul as it did mine.
Prepare to go down memory lane with Margaret and her gang! It’s an insightful, honest, and captivating movie that will have you laughing out loud and remembering when life was challenging you, or you found yourself questioning its place in it – don’t miss this one – don’t miss it!

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