Hvg Facades: Revolutionizing Exteriors with 5 Key Advantages of Fibre Cement Panels

Choosing long-lasting and, at the same time, visually appealing exterior cladding often presents difficulties. Nevertheless, prefinished fibre cement panels to the HVG Facades, called Veterro, look significantly better. HVG Facades: Prefinished Fibre Cement Panels European designed product has 5 key benefits; they are ideal for aged care, healthcare, government purpose, educational facility construction and commercial & residential construction.


Weather and UV Resistant

Veterro has been designed with high weather resistance and excellent UV stability. It is made through an autoclave manufacturing process and thus retains their strength, density and dimensions irrespective of the number of years it has been installed. This eliminates the possibility of paint peeling and chipping off while at the same time creating the desired through-coloured finish. Veterro can be applied on your home and be assured that it will withstand all the climate changes it will face in the future without fading its glamorous look.

Sustainable and Durable

Veterro blends the fresh European styling and the detail of a designer with the stone like appearance of cement. It has a matte texture that acquires a beautiful tone when exposed to time, which gives a building warmth and personality. Other than the elegance consideration, Veterro fibre cement panels provide definitive neatness without the requirement of recurrent maintenance. The now used form of cladding is long-lasting and means there are no issues of cracks, paint chipping or sealant maintenance. It also offers a great protection with a 10-year guarantee according to researchers.


Architectural requirement

Thus, with variation in the construction type, Veterro can be used in various architectural requirements. It is also perfect for use as facade cladding for schools, hospitals, government buildings, tertiary institutions and the likes. The fibre cement panels, which are long-lasting and weather-resistant, are also very effective for use as interior wall cladding. Built to specification and through extensive testing for conformance to standards, Veterro building products provide high thermal, fire resistance, strength, and safety.


Hassle-Free Installation

Veterro does not take much time to install since the panels, battens and the accessories are in a single package. Panels may measure up to 3.05m in length with a technical support as an added option for the cladding system which minimizes cutting and wastage of materials on site. This implies that in terms of cost and labour, installation time and logistics are effectively made easier. In cases of maintenance, it only requires a few minutes to replace a Vetérro panel of a building without any expertise or tools.

Simplified Installation

HVG Facades developed a fixing system that made use of vertical battens in order to make the fibre cement more easy to install. These can include all necessary panels, battens and other accessories and builders can mount the panels in order while at the same time ensuring that the mounts are made in such a way that there is enough space for air circulation to avoid the panels getting damaged by moisture. This also makes it possible to easily reclad different structures by simply using the system.



Offering such key advantages as great durability, minimal demands in terms of maintenance, versatility of design and installation, HVG Facades’ prefinished fibre cement panels are worth considering as a cladding solution. Call HVG today to purchase your Japanese Truck parts in MaxiPARTS, and find out just how prefinished fibre cement can benefit your next project.

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