The Importance of Genuine OEM Parts for Mitsubishi Fuso and Mitsubishi Trucks

Truck owners whether owning a small fleet, or using only one commercial vehicle for business purposes cannot afford to miss quality replacement parts to ensure they have their trucks on the road. As for the Japanese truck parts Mitsubishi & Fuso medium and heavy-duty trucks such as Mitsubishi Fuso and Mitsubishi FUSO, only the OEM parts fit perfectly and are very reliable in terms of performance and durability. Do not read any further if you are not interested in finding out why it is important to use original spare parts for fix and maintenance.

1.      Quality Engineering for the Best Performance

This is because Mitsubishi and Fuso genuine parts are specifically designed to meet those standards necessary for these trucks to produce the right horsepower, fuel economy, and road performance. Engines, axles, turbochargers, starters, alternators, radiators, brake components, suspension, and all other components of the truck’s make have to go through a battery of tests. Have confidence knowing the part is assembled only once a high level of performance is achieved.

2.      Precision Manufacturing

Why install a remanufactured or aftermarket component which may or may not have been manufactured to the same level of quality as the original? Due to the fact, that OEM utilizes the most up to date technology and very close tolerances, which allows for the greatest durability of the parts, fabricated as OEM parts. Through timely alerting of future breakdowns, Japanese truck parts ensure that your trucks are continuously earning you revenue less time is wasted for future repairs.

3.      Design Meant for the Australian Conditions

Unlike its competitors, Mitsubishi Fuso and Mitsubishi trucks are built to cover the great Australian distance, higher payload, and roads. These heavy calibrated Japanese trucks are backed up with extremely tested OEM parts and are made up of thick metals, high quality rubber and other endearing materials. This ensures that they last with use of the icon throughout Australia.

4.      Types of commercial vehicle parts

As a global company that has been designing commercial vehicles for close to a century, Mitsubishi Fuso and the Mitsubishi group have unparalleled ability in crafting parts that are made to fit their trucks. All of these means that whether it is an entire engine, electronic module, drive axle or a mere pulley, bolt or filter – genuine parts give you the right fit coupled with lasting usability.

5.      Nationwide Support for Warranties

Original equipment parts protect any remaining warranties that a vehicle may come with from the factory, and many of these come with manufacturer warranties against them failing. It also means that any parts fitted to their vehicles in their service centers will be protected in the unlikely event of problems happening across the Australia-wide dealer network. To ensure maximum warranty for the trucks, the latter should be brought in for servicing at appropriate intervals.


Get the best for your Mitsubishi Fuso and Mitsubishi trucks and maintain the operating performance of your vehicle by using OEM parts that meet or even exceed factory standards. With their express delivery, extensive dealership network across the country, and warranties, it makes economic sense to rely on genuine Japanese commercial vehicle parts. They also reachable by phone to discuss your next worn out truck component be replaced by an OEM part that meets your trucks engineering specifications.

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