How To Not Get Ripped Off With Tullamarine Airport Parking

With the holiday season in full swing, airports are one of the busiest places you can be in. Apart from travelers and their baggage, there are various kinds of ground handling operations, loading and unloading, transfer of passengers, immigration and security checking, shopping, food and beverage outlets, parking areas, lounges, waste management and collection, transportation such as shuttle buses and direct connection to public transport, travel desks, public relations and general security and more. 

Most important airports around the world are publicly owned. They generate revenues by leasing space to airlines, retailers, restaurateurs, food and beverage suppliers, parking companies and air-freight enterprises. 

Hectic activity happens 24×7, and commercial airports are usually well managed and things run to meticulous schedules. But this is precisely the reason why you need to be alert and vigilant too. Many travelers tend to relax and lower their guards, especially if they are experienced ones. In addition, you will find jet lagged passengers on a layover, confused or anxious travelers, passengers loaded with luggage, or others traveling with toddlers and small kids, senior citizens or persons with disabilities. 

When you take all these aspects into account, the environment seems ripe for miscreants and those with criminal intentions to have a field day. Scams at airports range from hacking into your computer or phone via public WiFi, skimming valuable objects off the security bins, and more dangerous scams where illegal substances could be planted in your luggage. 

Some of the commonest scams that fliers generally fall prey to are at the airport parking lots. Scamsters have become more sophisticated and ingenious and have begun using advanced technology to aid them in their nefarious activities. 

Travelers have reported being taken in by a variety of ingenious tricks and that the crooks seem to stay one step ahead of the authorities. That is why it is crucial to be aware of the different types of airport parking frauds and how best to stay clear and safe. 

Don’t Get Ripped Off AT Tullamarine Airport Parking: Useful Tips

Firm up your parking arrangements in tandem with your travel plans. Decide how and when you will travel to the airport, and where you will park if you decide to drive your own car and park there. Explore all the options available and check reliable companies, and also compute the parking charges by using well-established sites. Some of these reliable companies have features such as the United Airport parking rate calculator that will tell you exactly how much you have to pay. 

Fake QR Codes: Today there’s hardly anyone who pays for parking in cash. Travelers usually pre-book their parking online, or they arrive at the parking area and pay using digital payment. Most parking lot entrances are automated, and there may not be a guard or security personnel manning them. Scamsters may stick a fake QR code on top of the genuine one at the turnstile and you could end up transferring money to a different account. You will come to know about this only when you return from your trip. 

Staying Safe: Check whether the QR code seems pasted on to another one underneath. Check the URL of the website when you have to make the payment. 

Dodgy Meet and Greet: If you have opted for a meet and greet parking service, you could fall victim to a scam. Crooked operators may take your car and park it in unprotected areas, or they may break into the car and steal valuables left inside, including the GPS system. 

Staying Safe: Check the credentials of the parking service before you book them. Ask for identity proof of the parking attendant, and tell them you want a Google map location of where your car will be parked. Take photos of the mileage and fuel gauge before you exit the vehicle. Get a proper receipt when you hand over the keys. This should have a time and date stamp as well as your vehicle number and the name and designation of the attendant. 

Off Site Parking Scam: You may want to save a few dollars by parking outside the airport if you feel that the airport parking lot fees are high. Apart from being cheaper, off site parking makes economic sense if you want to park long term at the airport. There are shuttle buses that ply to and fro making it convenient to park outside. There are several well-established and trustworthy private off site parking services available, but this is another well-planned scam at some airports. If you’re parking off site at Tullamarine Airport, your vehicle could be parked in an uncovered lot. This means your vehicle is exposed to the elements. Too much harsh sunlight can fade the paint and damage upholstery. Falling tree branches, bird droppings, theft and vandalism are some of the hazards of off site parking. 

Staying Safe: As far as possible opt for on site parking. If you do opt for off site parking, make sure that you research the parking company thoroughly. Compare services and prices. Read reviews and visit the site once before you use the services. Make sure that your car is not parked illegally on a residential street. Request for GPS location of your parked vehicle. 

Wrong Parking: If you’ve opted for valet parking, you could become the victim of a scam. Well dressed and polite parking attendants may take your car and park it in short term parking, on the street or on a different level. On your return, you could face higher fees, or you may find it difficult to exit, or even locate your vehicle. 

Staying Safe: Do your homework before you opt for valet parking. Research the parking company, and check whether it is affiliated to the airport, or to any other reputed organization. Rogue meet and greet or valet parking companies are on the rise. They take advantage of “travel stress” or anxiety you feel as you embark on your flight. You may miss important clues that point to this being a scam, so it’s crucial that you read reviews and check the bona fides of the parking company before you entrust your vehicle to them. 

Fraud Text Messages: As you arrive at the parking location, you may get a text message that says your booking is on hold, or that you have outstanding parking fees. The message asks you to click on a link for more assistance. This could be a scam to relieve you of your money or get personal data and information.Staying Safe: Stay calm if you do get such a message. Check the URL or speak to a parking lot attendant before you click on any links.

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