Hot Spot Relief For Your Dogs – Relief for Their Suffering

hot spot relief

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Our English Mastiff (is gorgeous if I must say so myself) suffers frequently from hot spots.  I hate those things.  They wreak havoc on her body and they are difficult to get under control.  No sooner do I get one under control and another develops.  My poor girl suffers frequently.  Spring and Fall seem to be the best seasons for her but summer and winter – she has flare ups.  There is not a huge amount of evidence regarding just what causes hot spots.  In her case I firmly believe it is allergy related.


As soon as a breakout starts, I stock the tools to get it back under control.  In case you ever have to struggle with this ailment – here is my game plan.


I pickup a bottle of Listerine (original), a bottle of Witch Hazel and some Gold Bond Extra Strength powder.


There are two steps – the liquid spray step and following up with Gold Bond.


gold bond
Prepare the liquid solution.  I make a big bottle because once the problem starts it can be a two month long battle from one spot to the next.  In an empty gallon jug I mix:

1 Cup Witch Hazel

1 Cup Listerine

4 Cups Water


Once mixed I pour some into a spray bottle and save the rest for later.  The Listerine is an antiseptic and can help get minor infections under control.  The Witch Hazel stops the itching.


I then follow up with Gold Bond Extra Strength Powder to help dry the spot out.  Once it starts to heal I switch to just the Gold Bond.  As you can see from the photo below I need a little more help right now.  There is a bit of pus in there.


chews hot spot

In rare circumstances the hot spot progresses very quickly and becomes incredibly infected within a matter of hours.  When that happens I do not waste any time taking her to the vet for a full round of antibiotics etc… If you have a similar situation that severe I suggest you seek medical assistance right away.  Hot spots have a tendency to quickly get out of hand.


This process can be applied up to four times per day.


Because I believe Chewbacca’s issue is allergy related – I also add Benadryl to the daily routine.  That is optional but I find it very helpful.


Lastly, until she starts to really scab up, I have to keep her from chewing on herself.  That is where a cone or blow up collar come into play.  She is so big that she breaks those plastic cones in minutes.  She even ruins these blow up collars quite often and at $40 each – I should really own stock in the company by now.  She does not mind the cleansing process but she hates the cones and collars.


chewbacca and her procollar


I also have to keep her completely away from our Newfoundland.  Otherwise, our Newfie will constantly feel the urge to “clean” her wound which only complicates the issue.


The next time you pet develops a hot spot – try treating her/him with this recipe first.


8 thoughts on “Hot Spot Relief For Your Dogs – Relief for Their Suffering

  1. Pam says:

    I have a Blue Heeler that itches all the time. Her skin is always red & she will feel hotter in one spot or another. I know its alergies. I have tried everything. Do you think this would be ok to bath her in.

  2. CS says:

    Our golden got hot spots frequently. After much struggles, found out he was allergic to poultry! I removed it from his diet and no more hot spots!

  3. Liz says:

    My poor baby has a hot spot. It is his 1st time ever developing one. I will try this. I also bought Zesty Paws Allergy Immune Supplement for Dogs on Amazon. I hope with both to get this hot spot under control.

  4. Candace M. Buyuklu says:

    Wow, something that makes sense and is natural as well. Going to try this as for the first time my German Shepherd has one of those wonderful things, ugh..! I am a huge fan of Witch Hazel, the amazing cure-all and am sure this will work on this as well.. thanks for a great idea!!

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