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Baking Boiled Eggs – You May Never “Boil” Eggs Again

Baking Boiled Eggs - You May Never "Boil" Eggs Again

Baking Boiled Eggs – You May Never “Boil” Eggs Again

Sounds strange doesn’t it?  It is hard not to still refer to them as hard boiled eggs since we all grew up with them being boiled.  But did you know you could get the same result by baking the eggs?  You can either place your eggs directly on your oven rack or you can place them in a muffin tin so they don’t roll.  The rails on my oven rack were too wide – the eggs were slipping through so I needed to use a muffin tin.

eggs in muffin tin

Yes this is my “boiled” egg muffin tin….

You will need to play around with it but you will back them (with the oven pre-heated) at 325-350 for 30 minutes EXACTLY!  No more, no less.  When 30 minutes are up, make sure you immediately soak them in cold water so they do not continue to cook inside the hot shell.
eggs in cold water
Peel as you normally would.  Prepare or eat as you normally would.
peeled eggs
Don’t they look delicious?
Personally my favorite way to eat them is just like this with a little salt and pepper.  This method of cooking eggs is great for my daughter to help.  She places the eggs on the muffin tin and when I take them out she uses tongs to take them out of the muffin tin and place into the cold water.  She and I peel them together and we try not to eat them all as we are peeling.  She doesn’t care for the yolk although she will eat them when they are freshly cooked.  Shortly after that she will only eat the egg whites.

And we both love egg salad and prefer to eat it as is without the bread.

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