LeBootCamp Diet by Valerie Orsoni

LeBootCamp Diet by Valerie Orsoni

LeBootCamp Diet by Valerie Orsoni


After a lifetime of insane regimens, weight fluctuations, and feeling utterly demoralized, Valerie Orsoni had enough of the diet scene. She wanted a way to shed pounds, become healthy, and keep to the great French tradition of enjoying food–and enjoying life. The result? A groundbreaking diet plan that, to date, has more than one million members in 38 countries—and counting!

Orsoni’s plan, Le Bootcamp, is based on four simple tenets:
Gourmet Nutrition—A long, healthy life can be achieved while eating tasty, tempting meals and snacks from all food groups.
Easy Fitness—A program that will get your heart pumping, your blood flowing, and your muscles moving without having to block hours out of your busy day.
Motivation—Proven techniques to keep you from getting down and help you stay on track.
Stress and Sleep Management—Bringing both the body and mind into harmony to reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and even trim down belly fat.

Getting fit doesn’t mean a lifetime of deprivation and misery. With the right tools, any food, activity, and lifestyle can be transformed into a healthy one—and Valerie Orsoni can show you how.


Valerie Orsoni is a wife and a mother, formerly rotund, she battled weight issues for many years. Tired of dieting she sought a way of achieving an ideal healthy weight for good. Valerie decided to share her experience and her victory over the unwanted pounds with other women just like her. She started out as a celebrity coach in the USA, published her best seller “La Methode Orsoni” followed by several other books and created her online coaching program LeBootCamp.


I love the way this book has broken Valerie’s plan down into 4 phases.  These phases make perfect sense for a long term solution and they also make the process easy to follow and plan.  The book even includes tips to help the reader through some common diet struggles such as plateaus etc…  The changes are manageable and not drastic – this is meant to be a long term solution to weight loss rather than any type of fad diet that never helps a person keep the weight off.  The suggestions are very realistic.


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