Light Up Your Kindle With Kandle

Light Up Your Kindle With Kandle


Light Up Your Kindle With Kandle

I am an avid reader – ever since books became digitized, it certainly made life a lot easier since you get to access thousands of stories at the touch of a button and they are portable as well. I mostly enjoy reading ebooks at night, after tucking my feet under a comforter and this Kandle has definitely made “me time” more comfortable and pleasant.


Kandle Flex Light


Why is Kandle special?

Whether you are using Amazon Kindle (either generation), Sony Reader, or any other brand, the Kandle is compatible with most models – all need to do is attach it to the device securely. One of the biggest advantages that readers will appreciate is the use of revolutionary WideLipTM design to ensure the screen is not being blocked by Kandle, thereby providing crystal clear vision, so you can enjoy reading at leisure. The flexible neck is also a huge bonus, so you can position it whichever way you want unlike a conventional bedside lamp head that is fixed.

Don’t miss out!

Fellow ebook readers, trust me, this advanced Ozeri Flex Reading Light is a valuable addition indeed. I have summarized the details for you – please take a look:

Complete flexibility allows additional positioning range of the lamp head– adjust and read from any angle you wish to!

Extremely convenient – sleek and low profile design in pristine white color takes up little room.

It uses 3 surface mounted LED bulbs with lifetime warranty, to provide exceptional illumination.

No glare and zero eyestrain due to uniform distribution of light – use the brightness selector to modify soft light and ultra bright settings for highlighting a book page or adjusting intensity of the screen.

It needs a couple of CR2032 batteries, which last quite long as the Kandle consumes less power.

WideLipTM clip prevents scratches dents, or breakage, especially if you carry it while traveling – for further safety a protective pouch is also provided.

I had eye surgery two years ago and since then I need quite a bit of light to read.  I am not sure why that is but it is definitely something I have to live with and try to adjust as best I can.  The Kindle and Kandle make my life so much easier.  I transfer documents over and the Kandle helps make reading them even easier.

Personalize your reading experience with the Kandle by Ozeri Flex – buy now!


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