RoadPoints Teenage Driving Monitor #Roadpoints

RoadPoints Teenage Driver Monitor

RoadPoints Teenage Driving Monitor

The Roadpoints Teenage Driving Monitor is designed to teach teenage drivers to practice safe driving by rewarding them. RoadPoints allows parents to monitor their teenager’s driving habits, such as speed, acceleration, and where they went.

With RoadPoints, you can reward your teen for good driving habits, in order to help them learn to be safe on the road. The goal is to teach teenagers to be safe and responsible drivers by rewarding them for good driving habits, such as gradual acceleration, driving under the speed limit, and more. The app tracks top speed, average speed, miles driven, time spent driving, and more.

The RoadPoints app is simple to use, and easily displays data. The app has a 30 day free trial, so you can test it out to see if you like it.


Key Benefits of the RoadPoints Teenage Driving Monitor

● 30 day trial, try before you buy

● Reward good driving behavior, scores are assigned based on speed, motion, and more

● Location tracking, know where your teenage driver is going

● Monitor stats, see top speed, average speed, time spent driving, and more

● Punishes disabling app, teenagers lose money from their RoadPoints account if disabled

● No extra purchases, no need to buy GPS to track your teen


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My Final Thoughts


The RoadPoints Teenage Driving Monitor App is designed to be a positive re-enforcement tool that encourages good driving habits. Unfortunately, many teenagers are not exactly the most safest drivers and far too many accidents are attributed to their inexperience and some poor habits behind the wheel. The concept behind RoadPoints is rewarding them a certain amount of points for being safe behind the wheel.


The software app keeps track several key driving statistics including; top speed, average speed and time spent driving. The points that are assigned are placed into a unique account for your teenager and the points accumulate. However, if they are caught disabling the app, they are punished and points are subtracted from their account. Unfortunately, this app is only made to run on Apple’s iOS 7 or higher and therefore only works on the iPhone smartphone. So if your teenager has an Android smartphone, it will not work on their phone.


We would highly recommend this monitoring app if you have a teenage driver in your house and they have an Apple iPhone. It is a good way to teach them the importance of safe and responsible driving.


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