Survival Seeds Vault Emergency Seed Kit #GrowForIt

Survival Seeds Pack

Survival Seeds Vault Emergency Seed Kit

The Survival Seed Vault Emergency Seed Kit is a complete source of all natural plant seeds. Only Non-GMO and Non-hybrid seeds are included in each and every packet of seeds. The kit includes a specially created guide that covers tips on getting the most out of the kit.

The seeds are all created using an open pollination process and they are dried to reduce the internal moisture down to 8%. Then they package them into smaller, individual packets by variety. The included downloadable guide will help ensure your success by giving you all the information you need on planting the seeds and for harvesting your own seeds for future planting.

The kit includes seeds from 105 varieties of heirloom plants like tomatoes, watermelon, carrots just to mention a few.


Key Features of the Survival Seeds Vault Emergency Seed Kits

● Use it to grow your own life sustaining food

● Contains only Non GMO or hybrid produced seeds

● Every kit includes seeds from 105 different varieties of plants

● Includes a downloadable guide for planting and storing seeds

● Each of the varieties of seeds are individually packed

● Perfect starter kit for creating your own seed emergency seed supply




My Final Thoughts


There are many people that feel that with the way things are going we are in for some sort of major calamity or even a doomsday scenario might be close at hand. To that end, having a source of healthy, sustainable food supply for their family is a must. The Survival Seeds Vault Emergency Seed Kit seems to made especially for them. It has seeds from over 100 different plants (105 to be exact) and even includes a downloadable guide on planting the seeds.


Whether you agree with the doomsday predictions or are just looking to grow your own fruits and vegetables in your backyard, this kit would be for you. All of the seeds are dried and only contain 8% moisture for best results. They are also guaranteed to be 100% GMO free as well as non-hybrid in nature. So, you can be assured that you are getting 100% safe produce from your garden.


So, if you are looking for a great source of seeds to begin your backyard garden, you cannot go wrong with the Survival Seeds Vault Emergency Seed Kit. We would definitely recommend this product to everyone.


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