Active8 Yellow Soccer Disc Set #disccones

Active 8 Yellow Soccer Disc Set

Yellow Soccer Disc Set

Soccer gurus are going to love this product! Whether they are a coach or a dedicated player they will fall in love with these cones. This set contains 12 -2” cones which are ideal for speed, direction, and agility training! The bright yellow color makes them easy to spot which makes them ideal for any training exercise. They are made out of soft,flexible, rugged plastic making them resistant to cracking and fading. They reduce the risk of player injury because of their low profile design making them safe for any sports player to use and are good for indoor or outdoor use.




I have a two year old who loves obstacle courses but is still learning boundaries. I use these cones to create boundaries around and in his courses. He loves to weave in and out of them when doing his “drills”, as well as having to run back and forth between two of them. They are perfect for him to recognize and the bright color gives him no problem when it comes to seeing them over grass or his mini obstacles!




These are perfect if you have little kids with a lot of energy or if you are an athlete or just love to exercise! They are absolutely worth the buy and are perfect for use with any activity or drill. Coaches and players will love them for just about everything!


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