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Advocare Spark Energy #AdvocareSpark

Advocare Spark Energy


Advocare Spark Energy is an unique sugar free, multi-nutrient system that is used to enhance your energy and mental focus! It contains more than 20 vitamins,nutrients, and  minerals that work in perfect harmony to create a balanced, healthy, and effective source of energy without the chance of overstimulating that body’s normal balance. The perfect amount of caffeine gives you that quick boost you need to get going and the Vitamin B enhances your body’s natural ability to produce and sustain its own energy. The neuroactive amino acids help increase your mental focus and give you the alertness  you need to help your brain’s ability to receive and send messages adequately! It is made for people age 18 and older; and comes in a powder form so you can make it into a yummy drink! Advocare Spark contains 120 grams of caffeine so  it is not recommended for people who are sensitive to caffeine or choline; or women who is pregnant or nursing. This supplement comes in 8 amazing flavors including mango strawberry, fruit punch, green apple, mandarin orange, as well as a few others!


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I used this before I got pregnant with my second son and it worked wonders for me! I have a two year old rambunctious little boy already and he loves to wake up at 5am with a bucket of energy I wish he could share! I got an unhealthy habit of needing at least 4 cups of coffee before I had half the energy he had and by noon everyday it always left me feeling sluggish and worse then when I woke up! I needed a change and quick!  I had a friend who was a distributor for Advocare and offered me a one week sample of this amazing product! She swore on her life that I would be calling her to buy some more when the week ended! To be honest i had my doubts but they were quickly corrected! With just one cup of this energy powder I was feeling more alert and energized. I was able to finally spend good quality time with my little man without wishing it was nap time! He absolutely loves that mommy has more energy and I am happy I am myself again!


You can also get Advocare Spark from Laura Bazant, Independent Advocare Distributor



I would recommend this to anyone who seems to run low on energy at times and needs a quick energy boost! If you have a busy life and seem to be sluggish at times then this is something you could definitely benefit greatly from! It gives you the perfect amount of energy without making you feel too energetic or have a crazy caffeine crash afterwards.


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