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Firebird Premium Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones #FirebirdPremiumTALON

Firebird Premium Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones


Firebird Premium Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones


Take a stroll down a busy city sidewalk on any given day. Inevitably, you’ll catch a lot of individuals walking or exercising to the beat of their own choice tunes. Still, there will be other pedestrians yammering away, seemingly to themselves, about business matters or the latest gossip. All of these people have one telltale thing in common—long wires dangling from the sides of their faces, trailing down to some hidden device in a pocket or bag. They are using headphones connected to mobile devices. These items allow people to work out, conduct business or enjoy personalized entertainment while getting from one place to another.

As you continue to contemplate these advances in modern technology, imagine these same scenarios without those pesky wires involved. TALON wireless headphones by Firebird Premium are touted as audiophile-grade exercise earbuds, but they can enable one to do so much more than just complete a vigorous workout. Embedded Bluetooth technology allows the earbuds to sync up and interact with up to two devices as far as 30 feet away. There are no wires to become entangled with weights or workout gear, no cords to fray or become knotted up when jammed into a pocket or computer bag. Plus, these state-of-the-art headphones eliminate the intrusion of background noises for the wearer. That means high fidelity sound and clear speech coming through, regardless of what occurs in the user’s environment.

The intuitive interface on the side of the right earbud provides access to any function needed while listening to music or taking calls. TALON users can adjust volume, select tracks, play/pause audio, and accept phone calls by touching one of two buttons. The lightweight rechargeable battery attached provides up to six hours of continuous usage in conjunction with Apple products, Android Smartphones, tablets, or any device that can be connected via Bluetooth. The battery comes with its own charging cable, and the whole TALON package includes a user manual and six sets of silicone eartips. These soft, pliable pieces mold to the shape of the ear canal, preventing the tips from falling out and allowing for maximum noise cancellation.

Perhaps the most appealing selling point for the TALON headphones is the lifetime guarantee offered by Firebird Premium. Imitation brands and cheap wired headphones cannot offer this same warranty. To the contrary, cheaper brands bank on the fact that consumers will have to replace their headphones more often than not. Firebird Premium prides itself on a being a small business that provides high quality athletic accessories without huge markups. TALON users pay for quality and receive precisely what they pay for.


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