Mini 1mL Clear Dropper Bottles #yourpreparedfamily

Mini 1mL Clear Dropper Bottles


Your Prepared Family Miniature 1mL Amber Glass Dropper Bottles 

The Your Prepared Family Miniature 1mL Amber Glass Dropper Bottles are high quality, attractive looking bottles. The package includes 10 empty bottles and each one is capable of holding 1mL of liquid. The glass dropper is attached to inside of cap and it delivers a perfect drop every time.

When it comes holding and storing liquids like essential oils and perfumes, glass is the best material, glass prevents the worry about leaching and degrading the effectiveness often associated with plastic bottles. These glass bottles have the extra advantage of the amber color which prevents the exposure to UV light that you can get with clear glass.

These miniature size bottles packaged in lots of 10 are perfect for setting up samples for a small business. The decorative gold stripes put on the outside of the cap add a touch of professionalism to each bottle.


● Amber colored glass helps to protect your essential oils

● 10-pack perfect for creating sample sets

● Delivers accurate amount of oils and perfumes

● Perfect size for traveling

● Professional looking for business use


I have been looking for someway to make some extra money these days, but I just could never find the right one. Then I was approached by a coworker about making money through selling essential oils like the ones used in Aromatherapy. We started talking and they explained that there is really good money to be made in essential oils.


The more we talked, the better it sounded so we decided to get started right away. As it is for any business, we had to get our product together that we are going to sell. After that, we got our supplies together and one of them was the small bottles that we were going to be using for our samples. We found what turned out to be the perfect bottles on


The Your Prepared Family Miniature 1mL Amber Glass Dropper Bottles are the right size bottles for holding a sample size amount of essential oils. The amber color and dropper combination works great for our business.


If you are looking for some small, glass dropper bottles, we would highly recommend the Your Prepared Family Miniature 1mL Amber Glass Dropper Bottles.


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