Making Holiday Cards With HP Social Media Snapshots #StickaPick @Staples


Making Holiday Cards With HP Social Media Snapshots


We all know that the best camera is the camera you have when you need it.  For most of the world that means their cell phone.  Like you all – I don’t go anywhere without my cell phone.  Additionally, nowadays almost everyone has a smartphone of some sort unless they work somewhere that prohibits them.  Cell phone plans aren’t even designed for non-smartphones anymore…


So we take a ton of pictures with our phones and do what with them? Well naturally we share them – on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc… We get social with them!  And now HP makes it possible to turn these social memories into items we can touch and create with.


I have been given the opportunity to try out the HP Social Media Snapshots – and to share that opportunity with family and friends.  Today was the perfect opportunity to do that.  We all got together and started creating.  While the kids were snacking on my famous chocolate covered sugar wafers, hot cocoa and hot apple cider….




The adults enjoyed some vegetables and artichoke hummus and some good company while we prepared for the fun.




First – we set up a photo studio to begin the process of taking holiday photos – our project of the party is holiday cards for our loved ones!  We had a total blast with the photo studio – here is a video sharing some of the photo sessions:


Party attendees ranged from almost 2 years old to 75!   A total blast was had by all.  We used these HP Social Media Snapshots in my HP Envy 5660 Printer.  This is by far the best printer I have ever owned.  It is so versatile and has combined internet capabilities to provide so many ready to use/create projects.  We have a very busy house – my in laws, my husband and I, our kids and a grandson and several are special needs.  The HP Social Media Snapshots paper is sticky photo sheets that you can print to directly from your smartphone or tablet.  These sheets can only be found at Staples at the moment – they are a Staples exclusive.  The sheets are 4×5 and allow for so much creativity.




Back to the party – we took our holiday photos and decided to make them into holiday cards for family and friends.  It was a project that everyone, no matter what age or ability could master.  All we needed were a few props for the photos and some scrapbook paper – which we picked up at Michael’s…


This little guy definitely cannot wait for Santa



Someone can't wait for Christmas


Here is how we made our holiday cards… Easy enough for everyone to make at least one to take home with them.

And while we rotated through the photo studio – the rest of us were making gingerbread houses!





While the wind was blowing fiercely outside and the temperatures were dropping – we all remained toasty and had a fantastic day with the help of HP and Staples!



As an HP Smart Mom Panel member, I received free products in order to host the HP #StickaPic Party. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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