Shoenique – 12 Supercool Ways to Customize Your Footwear by Tessa Sillars-Powell




Strut your stuff in your fierce upcycled footwear that you can make with Shoenique.

With more than 10 easy, step-by-step, DIY projects, you’ll learn how to turn your old, raggy sneakers, sandals, or boots into one-of-a-kind fashion statements!

With a little imagination, some crafty techniques, and the materials found in this kit, designer Tessa Sillars-Powell shows you that there are tons of ways to recycle your old shoes to look like new. Use glitter, studs, interesting fabric scraps, or paint to make them more colorful and add design.

Discover the perfect ways to add fabric or rope, designs with markers, ribbons or laces that can change the whole feel of your old footwear.


Tessa has written some books on loom band crafts and this appears to be her first that is not loom band related.  This book has ten craft ideas in it for shoes, a permanent marker and some colored shoelaces.  Some of the crafts I have already done some similar projects on my daughter’s sneakers as she was growing up.  Others are cute ideas that I haven’t tried or seen before.  The step by step instructions are really easy to follow and there are not many supplies needed for any of them.  All in all it is a cute book.


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