Leading Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board #leadinggourmet

Leading Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board


Leading Gourmet Bamboo Cutting Board 


This 100% antibacterial organic bamboo cutting board is great for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen! It has a large thumb hole for easy storage and its thickness is about .7” making it a great heavy duty kitchen tool! This knife friendly bamboo cutting board will not scratch, splinter, damage, or stain easily. The bamboo doesn’t absorb much water and does not shrink or swell when being used or cleaned. This  board features non slip silicone edges in either teal green or dark blue making it easy and will definitely match most color schemes in anyone kitchen. This unique, eco-friendly bamboo carving station is the perfect gift for any occasion!

The traditional cutting boards never cut it for me!! Every Time I used it I noticed more and more grooves and cut marks engraved in it. The boards became so uneven and unusable that i kept having to buy new ones every time they became really bad. I ended up paying much more then I would have ever imagined in just cutting boards! This bamboo cutting board is absolutely amazing! I haven’t seen a single scratch or engraved groove on it since I started using it! I don’t worry about it absorbing bacteria that I can’t fully get out or nasty water and food juices. They are easy to clean and don’t slip around when i’m prepping for our dinner! I absolutely love the colors and the finish is beautiful! In a few quick minutes I put a finishing protective coat on the board that is absolutely flawless and keeps it looking brand new!

I would recommend this to that at home cook who does not want to deal with the struggles of having to buy new cutting boards over and over just to get the same results. If you or someone you know love to cook but are struggling to find a good, durable cutting board then this is definitely something that should be bought as soon as possible! It is worth the small price that will change your personal cutting experience and routine. If you need a serious upgrade in your kitchen routine and utensil collection then this is one thing that you can add to your kitchen improvements.


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