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I have been feeling quite a bit slugglish lately – and yes I did followup with a medical professional to look into what the issue is.  Many of my symptoms mimic a thyroid condition.  Yet, my thyroid bloodwork all came back perfectly fine.  But one thing I learned over the years is that there can still be a thyroid issue even if the bloodwork comes back fine.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I have turned to the NuturaPlus Thyroid Support Supplement for assistance and so far am quite happy.  I am feeling so much better and there is no way it is a coincidence.  Prior to beginning this support I was struggling with my mood, tired all the time, having difficult concentrating and was even struggling with Raynauds symptoms.  For the most part since starting this supplement, my mood has improved, I am no longer totally exhausted and can focus again.  I still have some of the Raynauds symptoms but not as much or as bad.  I firmly believe those symptoms will continue to decrease as I continue to use this thyroid supplement.  My weight is still all over the place but I have more energy and have been logging more active minutes every day.


NuturaPlus has an entire line of supplements which you can see HERE.  If you need it – I am sure they have it.


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