Primary Health Sports Copper Compression Socks #compressionsock

Primary Health Sports Copper Compression Socks



I have had many leg surgeries and as a result – I have plates, screws and more in my legs.  One thing I learned after all those surgeries is that I really need compression socks to keep swelling at bay and keep the circulation flowing well.  With the aid of compression socks such as these Primary Health Sports Copper Compression Socks, I can continue to do everything I always have done without regard for unique situation.  These are appropriate for men and/or women and work great.


This pair goes almost up to my knees – covers completely the areas with artificial appliances.  This pair is very therapeutic and I have been wearing them for traveling.  We travel almost every single weekend and when we do we easily spend at least 4 hours at a time in a car without stopping.  The result is by the time I get to our destination or to a rest area – I can’t walk for about 15 minutes.  My legs swell right up.  With these socks I have been much better while traveling.  I limp a little once we finally stop but nothing like it had been.


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One thought on “Primary Health Sports Copper Compression Socks #compressionsock

  1. Deb E says:

    I use compression socks for running but have never tried socks with copper. I’d like to see if I feel any difference and hope to try them.

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