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Vilac Rock N Roll Guitar USA

Rock n Roll Guidar USA by Vilac


Vilac Rock N Roll Guitar USA at Bonjour Petit


The Vilac Rock-N-Roll Guitar USA is a quality musical instrument from a company that has been making them for more than a century. It is finished in a bright red, white and blue, but it also can be found in a variety of other colors and unique designs. It was designed by an artisan in France and carefully crafted from only quality materials.


The body of the Vilac Rock-N-Roll Guitar is made from fine wood and other high quality materials. It features 6 strings and it is made to be played by young kids as a starter guitar. With its lightweight construction both boys and girls can learn to play it in no time.


This acoustic style guitar does not require batteries or other equipment in order to get the best sound out of it. Just pick or strum the strings to create the most amazing sound. The Rock-N-Roll Guitar is finished with bright red, white and blue colored paint.






  • It is the perfect starter guitar
  • Wooden, rock-n-roll style guitar
  • 6-string configuration
  • Lightweight and easy for young children to learn to play
  • Can be played by both boys and girls
  • Designed for kids as young as 3 years old and up


One day I was sitting with my young grandson and we were watching a program on television and my grandson told me that he wanted to learn how to play the guitar like the person on the TV, we happen to be watching a show with musicians playing guitars. Since I figured he was really serious about learning to play, I did not want to get him a plastic, toy guitar.


I began searching online and found the Vilac Rock-N-Roll Guitar, USA, and after reading more about it, I ordered one for my grandson. When it arrived my son was thrilled to open the box and he pull out his new guitar. The guitar happened to be just the right size for him and his fingers were just big enough to fit on the strings.


If your child is interested in learning about how to play the guitar, you should look into the Vilac Rock-N-Roll Guitar, USA. I would highly recommend it to any parent.


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