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Build & Imagine Playsets – Pet Portrait Studio and Fairy Tale Theater

Build and Imagine Pet Portrait Studio


Build & Imagine Story Walls Building Set 


Historically building toys have been targeted towards boys and very little attention was given to making them appealing to young girls. So, the founder of Build & Imagine set out to change that and that is how she created Story Walls Building Set.

She came up with the idea by combining three activities into one that includes the best of the three. Each set has a building aspect, dollhouse aspect and dress up aspect that most young girls enjoy.

What are Story Walls Building Sets all about?

The people at Build & Imagine came up with a new way for kids to combine building skills and creative play. The story walls are structural pieces made with magnetic materials. The wall pieces act as backgrounds with a wide range of decorative designs on them. The pieces are held together by magnetism and all pieces are interchangeable with other sets available on the website.

Along with the wall pieces, each set comes with basic character pieces depending on the theme of the set and many props that can be used to help with story development. Build & Imagine has won numerous prestigious awards from multiple organizations for their Story Wall products.

Benefits of Build & Imagine Story Walls building Sets

● Unique take on the building set concept, designed especially for girls

● Endless hours of imaginative and creative play

● All pieces are interchangeable, including story walls

● Includes several themed characters and dozens and dozens of props

● All pieces held together by magnets

● Can be used by a single child or a play group as well


The Build & Imagine company has developed and is marketing many different themed sets based on their award winning concept, but we will be focusing our attention onto the two newest play sets that they added to their portfolio; the Fairytale Theater Play Set and the Pet Portrait Studio. These were just added this past October and have already been doing well.


Fairytale Theater Play Set and Pet Portrait Studio Play Sets


The designers at Build & Imagine have added two brand new building sets to their portfolio. One of those is called the Fairytale Theater Play Set and the other being Pet Portrait Studio Play Set which have already become major hits with not only the kids, but also with organizations that evaluate toys. The development of these two new playsets has essentially created a brand new category for Build & Imagine called Build & Tell Story telling.

The two new sets were especially designed to promote both right and left brain thinking and use STEM foundational skills to push your child’s development to a whole new level. The two play sets have an additional benefit of appealing to boys as well as girls. These means it can easily be used in a wide range of learning environments such as daycares, early development as well as for parents.


Fairy Tale Theater


Fairytale Theater Play Set


The Build & Imagine Fairytale Theater Play is a brand new building set that includes two wooden people, 50 different costumes and many props to be used to create an limitless number of characters. The Fairytale Theater Play Set was created to enhance the creative play of young girls and boys.


The play set is so easy to use that it can actually be used by very young kids as they are learning shapes and how they fit together. Then as they get older they can continue to use it as they develop more communication skills.


Pet Portrait Studio


Pet Portrait Studio Play Set


The Build & Imagine Pet Portrait Studio set includes several wooden base characters that can be dressed up using one or more of the prop and clothing pieces. The set includes two wooden people and four pet characters for use in the story creation.


The Pet Portrait Studio Play Set adds an extra bonus when it comes to child development; helps to build communication skills and fantasy play. The fact that it has caught the attention of more boys makes it a good option for families with both boys and girls.


My Final Thoughts


As any parent of school aged kids would be, I am always looking for new toys for my kids. With so many choices out there and aisle after aisle of them at our local toy store it is so difficult to find the right toys for them. They are constantly asking for the “in toys” they see advertised on television and that is a bit disheartening as a parent. We are wanting to find more toys that are more likely to encourage creativity.


One day I was searching online and I came across a Youtube video that was talking about a new type playset. The concept was very intriguing to me so I decided to go out to their website and find out more information.  The company is called Build & Imagine and their website features their products based on their Story Wall system.


The Story Walls creative toys encourage a child’s creative play by use of background sceneries, characters and plenty of props. All the pieces are interchangeable and since they held together using magnets, they are easily repositioned in order to alter the story.


Each of the playsets are uniquely themed in order to be able to tailor your choices to subjects that your child may be interested in. We selected the Fairytale Theater Play Set and the Pet Portrait Studio Play Set for our kids. I discovered one day that they liked them so much and they actually found a way to combine them together and started playing with them together.


So if you are looking for a new kind of toy for your child that will encourage their creativity, you should take a look at Build & Imagine and especially the Fairytale Theater Set and Pet Portrait Studio play sets.


I received payment, product(s) or services in exchange for an honest opinion.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and/or I believe would be helpful for my readers.  The opinions expressed in this post are entirely my own.  Your experience with the product(s) or service(s) may differ from mine.

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