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DOB Wine Chiller


As we get older and our childhood is replaced with adulthood it seems that the stressful days and situations get a bit more numerous with the understanding that we must get though each and everyone in a calm, adult manner. This means that when the tornado subsides and the dust settles it is the perfect opportunity to relax and take a moment for ourselves. Now with the added stressors there are also added bonuses to being an adult such as the ability to drink alcohol after you have reached the age of 21. Having a glass of wine while reading a book or hanging out with a group of friends after a long week is personally one of my favorite ways to relax but there is a very easy way to turn this fun relaxing moment into a nuisance and that is warm wine.

DOB products have come up with the perfect addition to your wine collection that will prevent the problem before it happens and will not require you to keep a bucket of ice out at all times. It is the DOB Wine Chiller Stick with Stainless Steel Wine Aerator Pourer Spout. The wine chiller stick and aerator detach making for easy handling, simply place the chiller stick into the freezer for as little as two hours then reattach the aerator pourer spout and you are ready to go. The chiller is designed to fit all bottle sizes to reduce frustration and comes with a built in stopper that is BPA free to ensure your health. Every chiller stick is made with high quality stainless steal and filled with a cooling gel that is completely non-toxic further proving DOB’s views on manufacturing a safe product.

Pouring will become a graceful act with the assistance of the mouthful pourer spout, ensuring it is easier to hit the glass every time. As a whole the DOB Wine Chiller Stick with Stainless Steal Wine Aerator Pourer Spout is an elegant addition to any wine night with the friends, or alone. It will keep your wine chilled at the perfect temperature for up to 30 minutes while the aerator lets it breath, filling the room with that wonderful aroma the whole time. Treat yourself to a little relaxation this season and get your own DOB Wine Chiller Stick with Stainless Steal Wine Aerator Pourer Spout today.


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