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Fitness Hoop by Empower Fitness #EmpowerFitness

Empower Fitness Fitness Hoop

I have always wanted to be a runner – but wanting to be one and being one are very different.  I never experienced that runner’s high or anything that came the least bit close to making it an experience I could tolerate.  But I do absolutely know what I can tolerate and enjoy – hula hoops.  I can’t do fancy tricks (I never tried but who knows) but I can have fun for long periods of time.  I need my exercise to be fun.




Using this 3lb Cardio Core & More Fitness Hoop I can have fun as well as get some valuable exercise.  This workout is low impact – which is essential due to all the surgeries I have had.  High impact fitness is no longer possible.  This hoop features transferable weight— mix and match weighted and non-weighted sections to create three different workouts!




Featured in over two-dozen media outlets including the Today Show, LA Times, and Fitness Magazine, this fitness hoop has been praised for its innovation, versatility, and fun factor! Enjoy creative, fluid movement reshapes your waist, builds power in your core, and gets your heart pumping as well as a total body workout that crushes calories, concentrates on the core, and works in a series of upper and lower body movements.

Putting the hula hoop together is easy – simply press that button in and slide it into the correct side of the next section until you hear it pop.  To separate – simply press the button and pull it back out.


Empower Fitness has a whole line of Fitness Products that are great for women


Additional products by Empower Fitness

A new twist on an old favorite, the Skipfit is perfect for the anti-exerciser and cardio-junkie alike. It tones the lower body and burns tons of calories – up to 200 in 15 minutes. You simple slip it around your ankle, swing it in a circular motion and then jump over it with your other foot. We dare you not to laugh or sweat!

The Fusion Fit Disc is a sculpted, circular design with multiple handgrips that is used in replace of free weights. The innovative shape is proven to work two key muscle groups in the core up to 50 percent MORE than a kettlebell, medicine ball or dumbbells (The Human Performance lab at Auburn University).

The Zobi looks like a bright, soft pyramid or blob, but don’t let the silly shape fool you. It’s easier to grip and provides a new way to condition muscles, burn calories and work your external obliques up to 29 percent more than a medicine ball or kettlebell (The Human Performance lab at Auburn University).


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