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Rimable Foldable & Adjustable Kick Scooter – Perfect for Adults and Teens

Rimable Foldable & Adjustable Kick Scooter

#1 Holiday Gift Guide Suggestion – 2015

My kids are getting older and I can do so much more with them – we can have fun for hours with just about any activity.  We tend to ride bikes and scooters but it is time that we move to better stunt scooters than those that have really tiny wheels and not enough room for an adult-sized foot on the platform….




This Rimable scooter is specifically designed for teens and adults!  It is so sturdy and a great deal of fun to ride – now we just need two more…  The platform is a large platform – as an adult my foot fits on it no problem and my teenage son has a larger foot than I and he also has no problem.




The wheels are large at a whopping 200MM and designed for long urban trips.  Skating long distances is not a problem.  There is double suspension helping to absorb the impact of anything we ride over – pebbles, cracks, dirt etc…


Everything on this scooter is quick release allowing it to be highly portable – we can use it at home, the skate park, the campground or wherever we go…Once folded it can easily fit in a car trunk or rear hatch.




The handle bar is a typical T Bar that is also a quick release design.  It snaps in when ready to use and easily pop back out when we are ready to fold up the scooter and travel.  One the T is completely folded down there are two clips to store the grips securely.




This scooter is able to hold up to 220 pounds (100Kgs).  It has an aluminum frame that is really strong making it the perfect adult scooter.


Check it out in action.  Yes my daughter is supposed to be wearing a helmet but we seem to have lost track of that in the excitement to test this Rimable scooter out… But remember everyone – always wear a helmet!

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