Rimable Pintail Longboard – A New Mode of Transportation

Rimable Pintail Longboard



Check out this awesome pintail longboard by Rimable. This board is 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide with a 9 ply laminated deck, wide PU wheels, aluminum trucks and high speed lubricant.




Both of my children love skateboarding.  They don’t do tricks or anything other than a ramp we have.  But they do “commute” on them and simply ride around.  Together they have a blast for sure.




He is taking this longboard to school every day – it makes his commute more enjoyable and it is small enough for him to carry into school with him.




The Rimable Pintail Longboard offers a really smooth ride with plenty of room on the deck for movement and full feet.  The design on the underside is quite attractive and grabs the eye of all my son’s friends.  He gets to school so much more quickly riding this new board and now that winter is finally here – that makes him quite happy.  Of course once the snow and ice finally arrive he will need to take a break from his board.



Rimable has quite a few awesome products and they are all well made and hold up very well.


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