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Making a change with Nutrisystem 2016


When I was younger I was never “thin” but I was always fit.  I don’t think you could get much more active than I was as a kid – I couldn’t sit down to save my soul.  I played every sport I possibly could and had quite the competitive streak.


Once I went to college though, life was quite different.  I did play sports but I was also working full time and going to school full time.  Sleep was definitely a luxury and never a priority.  Other than sports I was always sitting in a class or sitting at work.  And even sports I only played one season each of my first two years then not after that.  Work became too much of a priority – I was determined to leave college with as few loans as possible.  As a result though the college food that was in abundance definitely did some damage.  My weight soared and by the end of college I was 200 pounds.


At that point my grandmother and I joined Nutrisystem together and I lost all that weight and maintained that weight loss for quite a long time.  Then, as life often does, I was thrown some curveballs with multiple miscarriages and the pregnancies were a result of three years of in-vitro fertilization.  Not only did that totally wreck our finances but it caused so many medical issues that caused my weight to skyrocket again.


To lose weight this next time I started working out like a crazy person.  I took up Irish Step Dancing and danced nonstop.  The weight fell off and I was incredibly fit – until I kept fracturing my legs (very high impact) and it was so bad I had to have major surgery on both.  My legs have never quite been the same again – I can do so exercise but not nearly the level I used to.  Naturally, my weight crept back up slowly but surely.


Then out of desperation I got a lapband – my weight had crept up to 250 pounds and I had to do something.  Over the course of two years I lost most the weight again but I hated having my lapband.  It did work but I wasn’t able to eat in a healthy manner.  Many healthy foods were no longer in my diet because they didn’t work with the lapband.  I could eat the unhealthy items just fine but not the healthy.  It was just crazy.  I didn’t have the guts to have it removed though UNTIL it eroded right through my stomach and the experience was horrible.  It took me a very long time to recover from that surgery and most of the weight came back.


Which leads me to today.  I know Nutrisystem can help me be successful.  I know Nutrisystem is an excellent option and I know it is time for me to make that change.  2015 held so many changes for my family – more so than almost any other year since I have been married (25 years in 2015).  Had someone forecast the changes in January 2015 I would have argued until I was blue in the face.  99% of the changes were positive – not all, but most.  I am totally looking forward to what 2016 has to hold for us.  I guarantee this will be a year of more huge changes.  At some point in 2015 our lives spun onto a different path – not bad, just very different.  We will be working towards new goals in 2016 and Nutrisystem is getting me off to a great start.


Here is my before photo at 236.  I can’t believe I just put that out there but, after all, it is just a number and doesn’t define who I am.  And as much as I hate photos – I can’t wait to see just how different I will look and feel in three months.


Nutrisystem before photo 11116


So if you wish to follow me on my journey – I will be posting updates once a week as well as tip posts along the way.  Feel free to follow by email or Facebook.


I will be starting with the Turbo Takeoff which is an accelerated program with 7 days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, Turbo Shakes and NutriCrush Shakes with a meal planner.  Also, we finished our gym in the basement and I will be incorporating as much of that activity into my days as I can.


And this is a photo that depicts some of my greatest motivation for losing weight – my kids and we are now a horseback riding family.




If you would like to join me you can sign up with Nutrisystem and follow them on Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


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