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Finally So Many Questions Answered With Influencer Marketing For Dummies


This is definitely one of those books where I wonder – “Where have you been all my life”…  I started blogging 4 years ago.  The first two years were really just fun time and no real plan to influence.  But then all of a sudden people were seeking me out for my influence – intended or not.  So I ran with it.


However, I ran with it without having any real plan.  Sure I can follow some success stories and try to model my strategies after theirs but I never had a real plan or any real education.  I have been quite successful without it but just like anyone – there is always room to improve and in some cases I am very clear on where my deficits lie.


Like most of you I love the “Dummies” series of books.  They very successfully break anything imaginable down into easy to follow strategies, plans and steps.  Naturally I know Influencer Marketing for Dummies was just the book I needed.


About Influencer Marketing for Dummies:

Are you a marketing guru looking to stay at the top of your game? Then you need to be in the know on influencer marketing. A hybrid of content marketing and native advertising, influencer marketing is an established trend in marketing that identifies and targets individuals with influence over potential buyers. Although this has usually meant focusing on popular celebrities and Internet personalities, there is a new wave of ‘everyday consumers’ that can have a large impact. In Influencer Marketing For Dummies, you’ll find out how to market to those who rock social media—and, subsequently, grow your brand.

Influencer marketing relies on building strong relationships with customers. With the help of this hands-on, friendly guide, you’ll discover how to build superior customer service and experience, make strong interactions with customers, and encourage organic and authentic sharing about your brand. Measure the most impact that content has on your overall marketing strategy

  • Find influencers: it’s not just a numbers game or a ‘who’s who’ of social media
  • Engage with influencers once you’ve found them
  • Recognize the best practices of influencer marketing and outreach

If you’re a marketer, media agency professional, business owner, or anyone else who works hard to bring brands, products, and services to the largest audience possible, Influencer Marketing For Dummies is the go-to guide you don’t want to be without.


Authors and contributors on this book include:  Kristy Sammis, Cat Lincoln, Stefania Pomponi, Jenny Ng, Edita Gassmann Rodriguez and Judy Zhou


I have been so intrigued with this book.  First off – I was pleasantly surprised to have many of the opportunities I take and strategies I use be acknowledged.  It was very nice to know I am not doing things that are contrary to success.


At the same time though there is so much for me to learn and take into account as I move forward with The Stuff of Success.  I am definitely not a direct marketing type of gal – it just isn’t in me.  How do I know – I have tried with several different projects over the years and my heart truly is not in it.  Influencer Marketing however, is a definite passion of mine.  I love helping people and love that people appreciate it.


My favorite section of the book – that will be a constant reference for me is Creating Stellar Influencer Marketing Campaigns.  This section really spoke to me not only as a blogger but in my “day job”.  By day I transform from a mild mannered blogger to a School Business Administrator in an urban public school.  And like so many school districts – budgets are difficult to pass and it is difficult to engage and educate the community to all the awesome things we do.  We don’t have the ability to direct market but we can influence.  I am sooo looking forward to 2016 and all the things I (and others) can do with this guide to make a difference.




One lucky The Stuff of Success reader will win Influencer Marketing for Dummies.  The prize will be sent directly to the winner from the sponsor. Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping.  The giveaway will run until 01/31/2016 at 11:59pm EST.  Any taxes or other charges that may be part of the prize are the winner’s sole responsibility.  The giveaway is open to United States residents over age 18.  We reserve the right to cancel any giveaway.  No purchase is necessary. One entry per person per household.  This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.




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