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Making a change with Nutrisystem 2016


Well I have finished one week on Nutrisystem – the Turbo Week.  The plan itself was easy to follow and easy to stick to.  The only issue I had was one day, even though I had the full day planned and all my meals with me at work – there ended up being meetings and emergency situations that didn’t allow me to be near my planned food at all – not even once.  I made it work though because there were salads and grilled chicken.  So even though I was away from my Nutrisystem food from 5:30 am to 11pm I still made appropriate choices and stayed on task.


The result was a week of a six pound loss.


The Turbo Week is a plan with two different kinds of shakes – NutriCrush and Turbo Shake.


Nutrisystem Shakes


I enjoyed both but seriously loved the Turbo Shakes.  I was so surprised because it requires mixing with water not skim milk.  I have never had a shake mix that I could even tolerate when mixed with water – they never seem thick or creamy enough and don’t quite taste right.  The Turbo Shake is delicious by just mixing with ice and water.  I truly need a case of this!




I am so happy to be on this Nutrisystem journey.  I actually did Nutrisystem 25 years ago and lost quite a bit of weight – way back then I joined with my grandmother and it was our journey together.  But then I got married and had quite a few problems along the way – miscarriages, many many leg surgeries, stomach surgeries and more.  After all that was said and done I ended up where I am today.  There were many weight increases and decreases along the way and now I want to gain control of my weight – for me!  My kids are getting older (most are older but the youngest ones are 10 and 15) and they are finally able to do almost anything I can.  We have started horseback riding as a family – the kids actually ride more than my husband and I do but at some point we would love to own some horses and ride more ourselves too.


So this week’s progress – a 6 pound weight loss.  My goal for this week is to be more consistent about my fluid intake each and every day.


End of Week 1 6 pounds lost



So far the change isn’t really visible but I do feel so much better.  I have alot of metal in my legs and my legs get so incredibly sore but just this little weight loss has made a big difference.


This week (starting today) I am on the full Nutrisystem plan – no longer the Turbo Week.  I am feeling awesome about this and can’t wait to update you all next week.


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